Can David Still Beat Goliath?

OK, Here is the deal. There is this one guy, who's pretty damn big. 6'3 260+ lbs. He is an extremly rough guy, I've witnessed him be hit by baseball bats and only be slightly dazed. He also beats up people because it's "funny" and because he knows no one would really stand up to him. I was his friend up until out of nowhere I was slammed into the edge of a stair case temple-first by him because it was "funny". I was humilaiated in front of my own friends. It crossed the line of "fooling around" and really bullying someone.

I am 5'9 145 lbs., and I have Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills along with basic Vale Tudo, Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing techniques. My only problem is, I really don't know what would work on this guy. I want to defend my self against him without being intimidated. I'm timid when it comes to competition and fights, but sometimes I just get fed up and don't know what to do. What should be my mental and physical strategy against my former friend? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can David beat Goliath?...he did. I would just avoid him, if you have to fight, you have the skills, you are just afraid to use them, if you can get him on the ground and mount him his size advantage is all but gone.

David did beat Goliath - but as a result he ended up killing him.

It is possible to beat a giant, but you have to be incredibly vicious to do so. But it's not worth it in this situation. Better to avoid the jerk and go on without him. He obviously isn't a friend.

However, in a real fight against a guy like that who is trying to hurt or kill you, you need to attack what he can not protect by building up muscle and causes so much pain even a sado-masochist doesn't enjoy it. These are soft targets like the eyes, throat, and groin. Attacking the knees also works wonders as well, particularly on a big guy - the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

The problem is if you really attack these areas, chances are you'll do some permanent damage and that can lead to all sorts of nasty legal issues, so it is best only to do it when you feel your life is in danger - not when you want to teach a bully a lesson in manners.

How David Beat Goliath:
I. David had a Cause for which to fight.
"Is there not a cause..." I Samuel 17:29
"And David said to Saul, Let no man's heart fail because of him: thy servant will go and fight this Philistine." I Samuel 17:32
David did not go looking for a fight the fight came looking for him and he had no alternative but to fight.
Learn the difference between turning the other cheek, avoiding a problem
defending yourself when there are no

How David Beat Goliath:
I. David had a Cause for which to fight.
"Is there not a cause..." I Samuel 17:29
"And David said to Saul, Let no man's heart fail because of him: thy servant will go and fight this Philistine." I Samuel 17:32
David did not go looking for a fight the fight came looking for him and he had no alternative but to fight.
Learn the difference between turning the other cheek, avoiding a problem
defending yourself when there are no other options.
II. David Chose the right weapons to
fight with.
"And Saul armed David with his
armour...And David said unto Saul,
I cannot go with these: for I have
not proved them...And he took his
staff in his hand and chose him
five smooth stones...and his sling
was in his and." I Samuel 17:38-40
While point number I can be found
in Tony's PDR under Create a
Personal Directive, Point II is
taught I believe in many of Tony's
statements and quotes. And
probabley best summend up in these
words. David definetly used the
G.A.R. (Goal Action Result) in
choosing his weapon and strategy.
III. David had Complete Confidence.
"And the Philistine said to David,
come to me, and I will give thy
flesh unto the fowls of the air,
and to the beasts of the field.
Then said David...This day will
the LORD deliver thee into mine
hand: and I will smite thee,and
take thine ead from thee..."
I Samuel 17:44-46
Tony's 2nd commandment of street
survival "Thou Shalt Not Defeat
Thyself". Dan Millman "When faced
with just one opponent and you
oppose're out-
Just my thoughts on how David beat
Goliath and how to apply it today.
God Bless
Joe Skovira

Just my two cents untill Coach Blauer makes an appearance and offers his opinions.

Firstly, as zucs had indicated in his post, avoidance
is your best tactic when dealing with this individual.
He may attempt to play on your previous relationship
to get close and continue to humiliate or cause you
some serious harm.

Secondly, you have already indicated that you possess
the tools, so that should not be a concern. What you
need to do is ask yourself, despite your previous
friendship and the size of this individual, when push
comes to shove, can you act swiftly without hesitation
to protect yourself? If there is any doubt, then you
need to beef up your psychological arsenal. Purchase
Coach Blauer's "Cerebral Self Defense" audio. It
possess numerous concepts to assist in this area. I'll
let Coach Blauer expand on this further.

As for the tools, K.I.S.S. You have already proven that
you are intimidated by his size by posting this. Use
gross motor skills, as the complex and fine motor
skills will not be accessable when involved with this
challenge and accompaning intimidation. Again, the
psychological tools will assist in overcoming this.

Hopefully you find some of this to be of use.

Stay Safe and Good Luck!


Sorry to be blunt, but.....

I can't help but wonder why you chose to be this guy's friend up until you became the subject of his "humor"?
Wasn't his humor just as frightening, tragic, and wrong when the target was someone else?


well asked.

My thoughts are this...
You do have reason to fight him. He disrespected you and he apparently disrespects everyone else too. I think he needs a broken arm or knocked out or something like that so he will learn to respect other people. Also, it will bring back some of what he took away when he humiliated you. Kick his big ass.

I want to amend what i said earlier. I sound like a no-brained pro wrestler. I'm saying he doesn't have the right to treat you and other people like shit. I wouldn't do anything now, but if he bothers you again then show him why he should push you around. Make him respect you.

I've been reading this thread with interest.

I think it created some controversy - emotionally - because of implications on many levels.

All comments were very interesting and though all had some humanitarian essence they were tactically driven.

Let me throw something out to you many read the original question and thought: "Oh yep, I know exactly what to do, this is as black & white as it gets, on page 23 of the "FRIENDS WHO BECOMING PREDATORS MANUAL" it states..."

How many of you were made uneasy reading the original question?

This is what separates the 3-Dimensional System from the physical ones. The problem here is not about tactics or strategies, the problem here is about emotions and how they effect tactics & strategies.

All confrontations attack us emotionally first then move to a psychological assault and then possibly or ultimately, the physical assault occurs.

To access the physical tactics we theoretically train [with relative ease], one must first develop the emotional/psychological arsenals to launch them.

IMPACT123 is wrestling with the fear of intimidation. Intimidation creates psychological hesitation, doubt, anxiety and so on. Trying to act or 'think' under this type of duress is a challenge even a professional negotiator might crumble under!

Also, IMPACT123's problem is not recent. My guess is this intimidation has been around for years possibly [and quite possibly without him even knowing it. Age bracket guess: Mid to late teens [let me know].

Remember, in this peer group, the gang psychology and peer group pressure is immense for many. How many of us have tolerated and laughed 'with' situations that we KNEW weren't right nor funny but never left or stopped the abuse? How often have we all kept our mouths shut, laughed along, but were burdened driving home or staring at our ceiling? How many of us have stayed in relationships where every intuition told us something was wrong but our fear kept us there?

Fear and its management is everything. If we all [the human race] had these management skills, I surmise the world would be slightly different....

All of us need to respect this and realize that REAL strategy is obvious when there is no 'ego-fear' manipulation. Only when the desired outcome is an extension of a rational belief system, can the strategy is pure and inspired.

Intimidation is the belief you will fail and the fixation on that failure is what creates emotional inertia. Simple, huh?

Realize that only YOU can intimidate your self and you give yourself permission to at least imagine another outcome. Start there.

Specific tactics for now: Leave the environment and meditate on the above. Study fear management and what you are about as a person. If the fight comes to you and you cannot avoid or defuse then defend yourself. It's that simple. His size is not a factor as much as it's a factor in your mind. Easier said than done of course, but I've offered enough to chew on for now.

Anyone want to offer some shameless promotion for my tapes on fear management or some of my videos???

Be safe y'all,


Horatius "the emotional arm chair quarterback" here,

Well, perhaps a little more in the way of explanation would be helpful regarding my earlier post. Impact 123 I also would estimate your chronological age in the 17-21 age group (?) and recognize that at my age perspective has changed on a number of issues. However, moral courage is as vital and comes to play as much now as then. (perhaps not quite so dramatic as your situation.) The question I posed is designed to cause some introspection. "I" have found that asking the right question, even though, uncomfortable, often makes finding the right solution much more simple and sometimes obvious. (Note I didn't say easy/easier) From my perspective on life knowing the right answer to the question moves you well on the way to implementing that "right" decision. From your earlier post I gather you've invested some sweat (and, hence courage, determination, and self discipline) in developing your ground skills. Also, by the fact that you are troubled enough by this issue to post here for advice (a very good place to post – I might add) indicates that you are rightfully wrestling with several different levels of "issues" involved in your present situation. Indicative of moral maturation. (Hope this doesn't come off as pompous – definitely not what I feel nor am trying to convey.) But the tough decisions in life require us to ask ourselves corresponding tough questions. Only you can determine the specific solution to your situation. However, there are certain truths that transcend the situation. Determining what YOU WILL DO (avoid this fellow, try to influence him to change, stand up to him) and what YOU WILL NOT DO (be a spectator of such 'humor', be a victim of same, fight when you can talk/walk/run away...) are extremely personal and important questions. Ensure whatever decisions you make take your personal safety and your honor into consideration. (NOTE: Honor, by my definition, can be enhanced by avoiding a fight.)
Definitely not an easy situation to be in.
Good luck and God Bless & Stay SAFE!

I can add only this, a quote from my Tansu instructor
"If you must fight, believe you will win." To me it echoes Mr.Blauer's "give yourself permission..." statement. No matter what happens, can believing that you will come out on top get u hurt worse?

I have found everyones posts very thought provoking and thought I would add some thoughts, although they may parallel what was already said somewhat.
Based on your descriptions of the guys actions and attitude I get the feeling that he has little or no remorse and a cruel streak. Because of that, I think that if you fought him you would have to kill him. What I am trying to say is even if you dominate the fight and do serious physical damage (pop his eye, crush his trachea, pop his elbow/knee, etc.) what makes you think this guy won't continue to hunt you down when he recovers? This punk has shown that he takes pleasure in hurting others, so if you beat him imagine his mental state towards you. There are also the legal considerations of doing said damage.
I don't know where I read it but I remember someone talking about fight escalation and how you have to not think that just because you fight ferociously your attacker/opponent will just submit. I think that in a mano-y-mano fight the person you are describing will refuse to submit and essentially it will escalate to a fight to the death, unless you break it off and escape.
I think the best thing is avoidance, defend yourself if cornered (and break away as soon as safely possible) and BELIEVE that you have nothing to prove to anyone regardless of what they might say. I am not ashamed to say that I have always backed down from challenge fights for my whole life (29 yrs) and have heard the snickering behind my back (Chicken!, He's Scared!, etc.) and have also gone through some intense self-loathing due to backing down from physical confrontations. But when the emotions calm, I always know that I have done the right thing for me. I know I can defend myself if I need to. Also even with all the bluster and name-calling (and even some pushing) from my antagonists, none of them had the nerve to just hit me.
Also, I believe that the way you live is the way you die. So one of these days this punk is going to mess with the wrong guy and get a cap popped in his ass, stabbed to death, etc. It just doesn't have to be you doing the deed. What goes around comes around, brother.

Just some thoughts,

Some great words from Cr8.

Just one thing: Fights never have to go to the death. Even if there's the extremely unlikely situation of your opponent being completely oblivious to pain (and I never heard anything more than rumors about that), dislocated joints/broken bones just don't function properly enough to continue a fight.


I'm troubled by your words, "Fights never have to go to the death". I wish that were so and I hope to never put my theory to test, but isn't that dis-empowering to frame your mindset in those words. I would agree a fight does not need to go to the death, certainly. But, some of that decision lies with the attacker or attackers. For the sake of argument let's consider a multiple attacker scenario where the attackers are large, viscious, and perhaps weapon wielding and my family is with me and also the subject of their attack. I believe , in this situation, I would feel no restriction on useing lethal force. (Obviousily, this would be based on my certainity of their attck/intent and no escape options remaining) The firt chance I get at a trachea shot I'm going to take! Your thoughts?

Further thought has prompted me to write that ibelieve any fight we enter into we must be prepared for it to go to the death. If our life isn't threatened than other options should exist. If our life is threatened, even, if we far superior in ability to our attacker -accidents happens and weapons etc,.. can be brought into the fight scenario....

Thoughts, opinions, objections,...????

Thanks for the kind words. To clarify, I used "to the death" as an extreme example of what kind of situation I123 would probably find himself in. Even if the punk is incapacitated in the initial fight, after he recovers he is going to hunt down I123 to fight again, this time with full knowledge of what I123 is capable of. I think this punk would have no problem escalating to weapons and serious injury/death should I123 beat him. These kinds of predators choose their prey specifically (usually ones they believe they can dominate) and they are not used to losing or getting beat up. The psychological burden/shame of losing can make these kinds of psychos snap. IMHO.


Cr8 - With some malicious intent, I could read this out of your last post: "I'd rather kill that guy as a means of prophylactic, rather than risking to meet him again."
I know this WAY over the top, but I hope you catch my drift. This is "taking the law in one's hand".

I think there's at least the same possibility of the jerk realizing that he mustn't bully around people like that. Life is so full of complexities.

At least a broken limb or concussion will give him some time to think (might be a new experience for him).