Can GSP beat Kos?

I have a bad feeling , that kos , is going to keep him down , and ride out the clock .

More like can KOS beat GSP? and that's a hells no!

I do like how gsp is open to trade, my cousin actually knows the russian wrestler that gsp trains with ,and he says how hard it is to get gsp down , it should be intresting , I mean if fickett k.o him , I Hope gsp can.

great fight- really interesting matchup

I'm a kos fan but GSP will catch kos coming in over and over, TKO for GSP IMO.


Kos will not be able to get GSP down.

At all.

he will take him down ONE time. And probabaly get subbed. P.S. Kos is a better more accomplished wrestler than hughes.

Don't be surprised if GSP takes Kos down at some point.

So..I know I have asked this before but how is Koschecks wrestling so much better than Triggs?

I can't believe people would pick Koscheck over GSP. How is he gonna get any takedowns on GSP with you guys hanging off his nuts?

What do you guys have against me?!

is this fight signed?

I see him getting a few takedowns, but Georges will be able to control the fight enought to win.

I dont think you give enough credit to Georges takedown defense, that mixed with his ability to change levels and get in and out of range quickly makes it hard for people to take him down

GSP will dominate

Very compelling match up.

I dont think the odds are pretty even in this one.

is this fight singed?????????????????????

GSP will run through him.

He trains with plenty of wrestlers who would wreck Kos. I've been to that club in Montreal and it's one of the scariest places on earth.

Kos's only hope to to try the same strategy as Serra, but I don't think he has the courage.

"If Hughes couldn't take GSP down. Kos can't either."

No. Kos is a more accomplished wrestler, not that it means anything as far as fighting goes, but it should be noted. As for double-legging.. I would def say that Kos has a much faster, mores explosive, more effective double than Hughes.

Hughes is a great wrestler but his strait-on double isn't nearly as good as Kos's.

Not to mention, just like every other sport, wrestlers get old. Hughes isn't nearly as fast as he was...maybe he's more crafty, but a jackhammer double leg isn't about crafty wrestling.

Ok guys, for the third f@cking time, IS THIS FIGHT SIGNED??????????

kos dont give a damn if he lay'n'prays for the win and bores the shit out of everyone. he is a mercenary fighter. just wants that payday.

GSP wins 7 out of 10 times