Can GSP beat Kos?

GSP coming of a loss is a nightmare fight for anybody.

This is the same guy who lost to hughes and DESTROYED his competition en rout back to the title where he DOMINATED the most dominant champ in UFC history.

he straight up bitched everyone in his path and beat some of mma's best wrestlers at their own games.

A. GSP will take down koscheck

B. Kos will take gsp down, and gsp will make the ground so scary, kos will be looking to stand the rest of the fight (all 30 seconds of it, cus thats all that will be left.)

Gsp may even land the flying elbow and spinning back kick.

"gsp will make the ground so scary"

Based on what? His attempted sub on Hughes that got himself tapped? What else have we seen from him off his back?

Kos does have great wrestling but i too think GSP will take him down.

GSP has one of the best and deepest shots in MMA, for as long as ive seen him he's always able to get a takedown, against guys who dont get easily taken down to say the least, Sherk, Penn, Hughes to name some, espescially succesfull when he gets a guy sweating his strikes

His best chance is to try to make this fight look like the Trigg fight, when it gets super physical thats when GSP is at his best.

Looking forward to it, Goldie is going to have a heart attack looking for adjectives in this one

"i want someone to show me an example of his supposed awesome striking skills?"

Hughes 2 and the Herion match and parts of other fights show when GSP is at his best standing. Using perfect distance and from a far doing great damage.

When he doesnt do great is when hes exchanging in close. Sherk was more than holding his own in that range, Penn, and Serra. GSP doesnt have the handspeed and should look at other techniques to go to in that range like Plumb or greco,judo techniques.

Im buzzed so take all that for what its worth

^That doesn't really matter because Kos is not a great striker either.

GSP has the edge there, and Kos has the wrestling.

Hard fight to pick. I don't think I've ever seen Koscheck shoot unsuccessfully (outside the Fickett incident). I think Georges has very underrated wrestling though and wouldn't be surprised if he shot on Kos at some point like he's done on Hughes and Sherk (granted these are lower level wrestlers than Kos).

Koscheck has never really been cracked in a fight and tested though. Joslin was giving him some heat but he was able to take him down and rest safely to avoid the strikes. I think Georges will put him in hot water at some point and we'll see if he fades or rises to the occasion. We know Georges can stay in a fight after taking a beating, like in his fight with BJ. I'm gonna say Georges by TKO.

"He trains with plenty of wrestlers who would wreck Kos"

He trains with wrestlers that would wreck a national champion who was 42-0 that year and was a 4 time All American?

If Kos fought GSP he better bring his A game. Not that BS he used to get a weak ass decision over Diego.

Shouldn't Diego get a much deserved rematch anyways?

"He trains with wrestlers that would wreck a national champion who was 42-0 that year and was a 4 time All American? "

Yes, thats right. Earth to America you aren't the be all and end all.


Kos may get GSP down. GSP will get back up. Kos wont take him down consistently, wont keep him down consistently, and Kos will be taken down himself. Kos has a better chance of landing a lucky punch and winning by KO then he does of doing what is needed to hold St Pierre down long enough to get a decision.

IMO GSP has to put Kos on his back to win. His standup is accomplished but doesn't have particularly fast hands. Whereas he would probably win the standup it would also leave him exposed to Kos' power.

FOR THE 4TH TIME, IS THIF F@CKING FIGHT SIGNED ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mock GSP's striking all you want, but it's enough for him. The people who have better striking than GSP don't have his ground game. The people who have a better ground game don't have his striking. That's really all he needs.

GSP beats any other Welter Weight in the world 4 out of 5 times. He'll prove it by wrecking Kos, and then Hughes. He'll wreck Diego at some point, avenge his loss to Serra, and I think we'll see him beat Karo again at some point. GSP is a beast, short and simple.

IMHO I am taking GSP by sprawl and brawl.

Kos will KO GSP standing. He wont even need to take him down.

GSP has great striking offensively, but when guys fight back like penn, sherk and serra, GSP is not a hard target to hit. Koscheck hits way harder than any fighter GSP has fought before, and will put GSP to sleep.

His Wrestling is decent, he did take Frank Trigg Down. Trigg at the time was probably in the top ten ranking of freestyle wrestlers in the United States at the time. Can he take koscheck down? I don't know. But IF he does, and it is a big IF, Kos will be in deep water.

GSP will get injured and the fight won't take place.

People should be more concerned about what happens to Kos's glass chin when GSP exposes it, then the other way around. Kos looks terrifeid to get hit. Problem is no one has been really able to hit him, aside from Fickett and it only took Drew one good crack at it to show whats up. St Pierre will be able to light his ass up.