Can I be MOD here???

I dont smoke, drink, or play poker but I feel I can give this fourm the creditably it needs to get on its feet. Besides I wanna be able to talk in the chat room. So can I be MOD here?

Psh, no.

Now if you'd have choked that dude out in 12 seconds, then we could talk ;)

congrats btw, thats awesome.



LOL. Thanks for visting the forum though


Glad to see this forum got aproved. Ive been gone a couple weeks.

hey Gen, welcome to it :)

thanks for stopping by, please drive through.


U U, did you ever know that you're my zero?

Gen, man I was wondering if the hoes over at the gamerground hit you with their purses to death

lmao I was in New York for 20 days. Good job getting this approved man.

useless if youre old enough come down to the IceHouse on main & bonneville. Usually hot chicks on Fri & Sat

Thanks Gen. I love this place.

"useless if youre old enough come down to the IceHouse on main & bonneville."

Im only 20, but I'll turn 21 in May. What is this Ice House you speak of, you must take me there.

I hate young gin


Uly lives in Vegas... MAKE HIM A MOD

Can I be a mod? I drink 5 nights a week!

7, noob, get in line.