Can I be MOD here???

I am drunk more than I am sober. Including as I typerrrrr, thesaeds werds

Damn that's impressive.

Yeah wheres my MOD powers???

BTW can I get a special pink name???

No, now shut the fuck up.


I got nuttin but love foe ya, son. But this just ain't the spot for ya.

"can I get a special pink name???"useless

Too hard to see...


That's better.



LOL I was woundering why I got warned. Bro this like 2 warrning in the last 3 days. One more and I think Im done!


Does it say what got deleated and why?

I had 2 threads deleated and a message deleated on chris brennans forum yesterday. All in one DAY!

BP you have mail