Can I buy itunes album from android?

Interweb nube here... I want to buy an awesome bands album on itunes but I dont have an iphone...

How do?? Phone Post 3.0

Apparently I am such a noob I cant spell nube Phone Post 3.0

You can't do it from your android. You'd have to download it from your computer first. Afterwards, you can get it on your phone. Phone Post 3.0

Thats what I figured... Im impatient. Sitting in a bar listening to the singer and he played this tune off his bands new album and it was amazing Phone Post 3.0

You're drunk OP. Go home. Phone Post 3.0

You too fanboy Phone Post 3.0

Use Amazon mp3 or is it itunes exclusive? Phone Post 3.0

Just asked him- dont think its posted to amazon yet. Ill do it on my comp when o get home and transfer it that way Phone Post 3.0