Can I come train with you guys?

i am getting sick of all the fuckin drama at 10th planet. between eddie posing to get 10th planet attention, Tait causing problems and CUO having his dam internet challenges at class its a fukin madhouse.

I cannot train in this enviorment.
no disrespect to eddie or the guys but i need a place to train to not have street fights in the gym or have ass holes causing problems.

believe me all this fukin drama is retarded..i wish it was a troll.

looking for a school...

train at Hayastan, they're a good bunch, trained with them in December last year.

dillman....for sure

from all accounts you're a good fighter, but it seems silly to even take you serious in an internet post due to your affiliation w/10th planet. i came "this" close to stopping by 10th planet and checking it out -- but i'd be out of my fawking mind to even associate myself w/people like cuo and co.

hopefully its not a troll and you find a good crew. if it's not a troll, you probably just made a great career decision.

as long as people keep viewing and responding , this will never end.

I know of several people who were considering checking out and joining 10th Planet but deciced against pretty much solely on CHECKUROIL and the fear of other idiots like him. The perception that BRAVO puts up with classless idiots like him or even encourages it.

ARE YOU LISTENING EDDIE, ,,this stuff some of your guys think is cute and arrogant is costing you money and memberships and tarnishing your reputation, possibly even irreversible.

Damn it Eddie! Look What you've done! Can you hear me? Put down the Eyeliner and look what you've F'N done!

Swallows a hand full of Viagra and waits to die

Yeah, God damn, this has gotten way annoying and way out of hand.

Robert Fergason. He IS the prince of leg locks after all.


Enough bro. Everyone knows its a troll and the people that don't know its all a joke aren't even worth messing with. You're embarassing yourself

I think Bravo and co. need to decide whether they want to run a fun lovin' jiu jitsu school..or a shelter for 'oh shit I'm turning 40 soon'-pre-schoolers.

If the latter is the least make your bullshit entertaining for the people exposed to it..I'd settle for dead baby jokes.

This nonsense just makes 10th planet look like a bunch of sniffling little elitist pricks. Get with the program and just buy a leather jacket and a pre-customized harley like the rest of the midlife crisis peter pan syndrome suffering simpletons.

Quirky facial hair optional. You're not middle aged..really you're not. You interweb rebels you.



i actually believe you. i wouldn't train there either. way too much bullshit. while i cant help you find a place to train, i do wish you the best of luck 5/12 and locating another place to work-out.



Yeah, that was pretty gross.

"I was interested in rolling at 10th planet next time I was in LA( I go to a Machado affiliate also), but after all this stupid stuff on here I don't think it's worth it. I don't post much and am definently not a troll."

Ditto. I wanted to go there myself, but these cliquish trolls are out of hand. I think in the long run this is costing Eddie a decent amount of business and respect.

Of course Karo did thank them so maybe I'll go regardless...

To all the serious fighters and grapplers: I can totally understand how all the stupid ass trolling and dumb shit that goes on at tenth planet could discourage you from wanting to stop by and train their. To the outside eyes and ears, I could see why people question the school due to the "cliquish trolls".

I just started training there and I'm even confused sometimes about what is the truth and what is a lie. This is the thing though, when you go there to train, it's all about learning and grappling. I really haven't established any kind of a relationship with Bravo yet, but I can attest to his superior technique and excellent teaching style. The dude is smooth! He breaks down every technique and makes sure that everyone in the class gets it. He truly is an artist and I would reccomend anyone to sit in on a class and see for yourself.

Multiple points of view are appreciated on the UG.

I call bullshit...

From: Jason Chambers

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    I was there...    <p>

If this is a troll job then it has me and everyone at 10th planet fooled.

Just wait till the video get up.....u guys are gonna see that CUO is legit.

lol...not everyone on here has time to make elaborate trolls like OMA.

No music being played when I've been there. See, this is the that a serious question or is RHM being a smartass? I think the reason Bravos guys have went in the direction they have on this forum is because of the amount of keyboard warriors who talk shit and act tough. You never know who is gonna ask you questions just to fuck with you. I'm sure the guys were provoked for a while before they decided to not take this whole thing so serious.


Come to France, I need a BJJ guy with MMA experience to teach at my new club


Hey Jason,

You know you always have a place in AZ. There are quite a few guys between 155-205 getting ready for BIG things.

Shoot me an e mail when you get a chance.