Can I download SuSE Linux?

I want to run SuSE, but I don't want to pay for it. (I know, I know...)

However, I've heard that it can legally be downloaded for free. When you pay for it you are essentially buying the CD's, box, and manuals.

Anyone know where I could d/l SuSE?

EDIT: I'm retarded. Now I just need to figure out *what* I should s/l and I'll be all set.

Yes, when you buy it you are buying the materials, tech support and helping them out. I have never used suse, so I'll let someone else take it over from here.

yes, you can download suse. the only problem is that suse doesn't provide an iso image of the install cds. i checked and apparently they have an "ftp install" iso. i'm guessing you use that to install it off the internet. if that doesn't work, i guess you can download it from alpo's link, but i don't have any experience installing without a bootable cd. someone else take it from here.

If I was planning on using it long-term I wouldn't have a problem paying them. However, I'm still trying out distros and would like to try SuSE before purchasing it.

I've found some places where 9.0 is available for download, and I believe 9.1 is coming out in the near future.