Can I get some love for Andre Galvao?

Andre Galvao is finally getting his first fight in Strikeforce tonight on the ShoMMA Challengers card.

He got some exposure but during the Dream WWGP but I really think people are sleeping on him. He's an insanely accomplished grappler, mostly BJJ but also ADCC. What impresses me the most, though, is the way he's picked up the striking game. He's shown natural power, good speed, and impressive technique for a relative newcomer.

Keep your eye on this guy. You will see him challenging for the Strikeforce WW strap before too long imo. I'm a huge Nick Diaz fan(Diaz fo lyfe!) and I can honestly say that Galvao scares me more than anyone other possible challenger(Dream and Strikeforce).

Anyone else as high on him as me?

Galvao is a beast!

Ya I'm a Galvao fan. Love his strong grappling. Hopefully he can continue to work on his stand up and wrestling, as he has tons of potential, but has looked week in those areas in past fights.

I didnt see this on network TV. Who is broadcasting it?


GALVAO !!!!!!!!! Huge fan here....Go Boy ...

war stewart. nothing against galvao though...great jitz as the kids say.

Good fight