Can I restore stuff I deleted???

I deleted some pics from my computer and emptied the recycle bin.......Can I restore the pics to my computer? I tried system restore but it didn't work.  Thanks in advance.

Yes there are applications that will recover data that has been deleted. Basically when you "delete" a file (and empty the recycle bin) the data is still there the hard drive just now thinks it's allowed to write data to that location if needed. As long as nothing has been writen there then the data can still be recovered, however the more you use your system the more likely it is that something will be writen over the data location and thus you can't recover the files any more. As I mentioned there are applications that will go through and check your available hard drive space and list the files that can be recovered from it, however you also run he risk that installing such an application will over write the data location of the file that you wanted to recover, but sometimes that's the risk you gotta take.

There are a bunch of applications that will do this for you, most of them cost (or "cost" depending on how you get your software). Here's one that's free though, I've never used it but I've read some good reviews about it and have suggested it to people before without anyone ever complaining about it.

I really hope this helps, and let us know how it comes out.

Also, you might want to wait a little bit (without using the computer) to see if someone recommends a better idea

While you do all this, you really want to minimize the amount of writing you do to the partition with the lost data. If your hard drive has 2 partitions, or if you have 2 hard drives, download everything to the other partition or hard drive.