Can I Share Something With YOU?

without getting flamed or some shit?

im just happy because i got my first degree today on my whitebelt!! I was NOT expecting this and actually feeling like i was at a plateau.

I know i just started training in November, but this really made my day!

i know it doesn't really mean shit in the world of BJJ because im a whitebelt, but i still wanted to share my love and excitement.

TT shows that you are improving, and enough for it to be noticed. I did not get stripes, but when I received my blue it was an incredible feeling (actually more than my purple for some reason).

Plateau's are good because that means a growth spurt is just around the corner

thanks snake! yeah i can only imagine how good it feels when you get to the next belt level..



congrats! I hope it is the first step of many for you!!

Andre, oh i got the fever man! for sure!!

im glad they do it this way, with stripes, it helps you know that you are getting better, especially when you feel you aren't and it keeps you motivated to get those others stripes!!


Congrats - you sure seem to be enthusiastic about training from all your posts. Enjoy BJJ - it's alot of fun.

Darb i honestly never thought id be this passionate about any other MA than MT.

i am beginning to like this alot more than that!! is that bad?

"Hooked For Life"


Randy!! bro i love that technique! so far its the only thing i feel comfortable going for its easy to get done!

hey are you guys gonna be rollin tomorrow or Sunday this weekend?



damn! i hope his shit isn't too bad..

ill def call you tomorrow bro.


Soon you are gonna have to change your name to TexasBrazilian! ;)



"I see, it's like in ancient tribal cultures where the human sacrifices considered it a form of becoming one with the god they were sacrificed to. In that case, I'll have to change the angle of my counterattack by exactly 2.587 degrees on the Z-axis and have a fresh tube of Brillcream ready as a back up."

Very esoteric. :-)

keep up the good work!



thanks guys and lmao at these two!

SheCanStayMyHome bro i had NO idea who you were, holy shit,lamo