can i wear this vest and....

keep my sgli benefits or is the only vest authorized the IBAS.

here is the link

I don't know for sure? But I feel your pain brother, if congress doesn't stop "helping" me with more and more armor, I am going to need a squire to get in the Humvee.

nevermind we are fielding the new vests this trip....they looked very similar to the link provided.

Bad news is all us red legs are now mps.....we are still going to carry on the ST Barbara tradition this year.

I think the real reason all our troops seem to move around in HMMWV's is because with the complete IBA they aren't marching anywhere far. My back will never forgive me for the next year of wearing that stuff!

Did you know they came up with a new kevlar pad for the back of the helmet?

The new vest also has a drop down kidney protector in the back. It does weigh a few pounds less, though, and has a cumberbund to support some of the weight.

They need to just make a mechanized suit of armor. Either that or let me bring a page to get suited up. And since EO is around, I'd have to consider gender irrelevant in the hiring process...