Can it get any more boring

so now we get the pleasure of watching Hughes get an undeserved title shot at Serra. WIll this fight be anything but 5 rounds of blatantly awful lay and pray on behalf of Hughes. Lets face it, Serra would knock farm boy the fuck out, and Hughes will have nothing to do with this fight on the feet, he will shoot like his life depends on it like he did against Penn in the first round. he will take Serra down and do nothing in Serra's guard. I mean Saturdays result to bring upon this is the absoulute worst case scenario coming true. Pretty much one future card can be a complete write off with this the possible worst headliner imaginable. The amount of time that will be spent hyping up this match is such a waste.

LOL...I like how Serra is suddenly viewed as a KO machine.

hughes deserves a title shot more than serra did