Can Jardine beat Rampage?

Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on this fight.... seems like people are discussing all kinds of different possibilities in the division so I figured it was worth discussing.

I actually think Jardine has a legit chance to win a fight against Rampage. His style is awkward and he really seemed much better defensively after the Houston fight. He did a great job of keeping his chin tucked against Chuck and like many people have mentioned, he actually gameplans which can count for a lot.

I would by no means favor him in a fight with Rampage but I definitely think he has better then just a "puncher's" chance.


Honestly, right now, I think Alexander might be the only threat to Rampage on the immediate horizon. Unless Shogun can return to his old form.

I really think Quentin would lay a pretty nasty beating on Jardine because I think he matches up really well.

Its hard for me to gauge Houston right now because I honestly have to admit that I can't ever remember seeing him fight other then when he destroyed Jardine.

Is Houston a decent wrestler? I know ending up on the bottom of Rampage on the ground is a bad idea based on what I have seen of him in Pride.

This may sound crazy, but I am not sure Randy matches up well with Rampage for a lot of the same reasons Chuck didn't. Rampage seems tough to get down, Henderson is a terrific wrestler and was unable to get him down with any consistency. In addition, Rampage looks like as powerful a striker as Chuck, and maybe a bit quicker and we know how tough Chuck was for Randy matchup-wise.

I am worried Randy would not match up well and would get KO'ed trying for takedowns.

Of course betting against Randy has looked really dumb lately.

YES, anything is possible.... We are livin in the matrix

The thing about Jardine is that we've seen him fighting guys who plan on standing in front of him and banging the whole time. Quinton's going to tie him up and add the ground element to the mix. Jardine's strange herky-jerky stance won't work when someone wants to close the distance. It's not to say he won't be prepared with something else, but he's NOT going to be able to fight like he has in the past.

I honestly think Jardine would be in for a long night against Rampage.

How do you guys see a fight between Rampage and Rashad Evans going?

My gut instinct is to say Rashad would be forced to engage with Rampage and that he would take a beating in the clinch.

On the other hand, Rashad has a way of stalling opponents out and making them look bad, even if they are more talented fighters.