can PED's make you taller? serious question

I always thought that was bs. But then i heard an interview with a pro wrestler who he said, about another wrestler, that he was on several PED's in the 1980's and went from 6'8 to aprox. 6'11 within 4-5 years.

That's not possible right? PED's make your muscles bigger it doesn't effect your skeleton. Do they?

In. Never heard that before

Not in adults. 

A pro wrestler is full of shit? What?

I wondered if HGH could do it but I believe I read that once your bone plates are fused together, they can no longer grow. 

disbeliever - No, because your growth plates have long closed.

See this man knows. Thank you Belieber!

Being tall isnt all its cracked up to be.  Im 6'4".  Yeah, its a turn on for most women, helps in sales and work sutuations, and in general, I probably get fucked with less often (have never been mugged).

But, its extremely difficult to be inconspicuous at my height.  all of my clothes need to be tailored and im constantly reaching for stuff for other people.  I probably change 100 lightbulbs a year.

The 1997 documentary Gattaca details a medical procedure for adding inches of height.

They'll effect your bones for sure. Take a look at the sizes of some these dudes heads. Not to mention in the 30 for 30 documentary 9.78* (I think that's the name) and the doctor talking about guys wearing braces on their teeth because they're bones were growing and affecting their teeth.

Iirc the legendary Rich Piana talked about his foot size growing a lot too...and I'm pretty sure he knows a thing or two about HGH.

Human growth hormone taken before plates are closed will absolutely add inches on your max height.


Hgh as an adult will make that domepiece look like barry bonds' after a few years.


So, no. No, they don't make you grow as an adult. Unless you want to grow your brow?


Why would you want to be tall?

Tall people look lanky and gangly. Clothed fit them weird. They tend to hunch.

5'7" - 5'10" is great. If you are in that range you are good to go.

5'7???? As someone who's 6'4 I'd literally hate to be under 5'10

209ese - Op why not just buy shoe lifts and get results immediately instead of 4-5 years?

Ahaha no no I'm 6 feet tall so I'm good. Just never heard this other stuff before. 

Just get this procedure done shortass!

Death Star -

A pro wrestler is full of shit? What?

I know right? lol

It was actually Ken Patera who said these things about Big John Studd. When asked why Andre didn't like Studd, in real life, Patera said cause of all the steroids John was on to be as big as Andre (who never EVER took a PED). 

When Studd wrestled he was billed as 6'11, 365lbs. According to Patera Studd was originally 6'8. Of course it was a shoot interview and Patera was drinking so who knows. But Patera competed in the World Strongman comps in the late 70's early 80's so I'm sure he knew a thing or two about steroids. 

DaveFu - The 1997 documentary Gattaca details a medical procedure for adding inches of height.

Correct, that is an actual procedure. They literally use metal screws to slowly stretch the bones. It's horrifyingly painful.