Can people stop saying Strikefarce?

If Dana and Co. deemed Strikeforce worthy of a purchase to eventually get fighter contracts, I think it's highly disrespectful to use the term Strikefarce. Bashing Zuffa by referring to its' acquisitions as farces is like saying Dana and the Fertittas make stupid purchases but history and their track record of success proves otherwise.

You do realize that Dana was the one that used that term the most. So if you're gonna blame anyone, blame Dana. Phone Post

But now it's a bigger farce than ever. Before it was a scrappy company trying to get the absolute best fighters they could from near and far and to get exposure. Sure, they never seemed to learn how to properly market an upset and it has never been quite clear how one actually gets a title shot(except for Hendo, he beat Babalu) but they were still a separate entity trying to do the best with what they had. Now they are officially nothing more than Zuffa's "Smackdown" with only the finest fighters that Dana doesn't want.

I just hope they get to keep the Heavyweight GP going although instead of a title shot, the tournament will now be for a UFC contract.