Can Pro-Wrestling be Sport Again?

If so, how? I'd love to or see someone start a promotion like this but I want real matches (like at the turn of the century)...


Ever heard of these guys?

I think what he is talking about would be wrestling with submissions and pins and without strikes. Looks much different from sub-wrestling, or NHB, looks more like modern folkstyle but the submission aspect still makes a good bit of difference.

You almost have to outlaw the rear naked due to the fact that it is near impossible to defend both the rear choke and pins.

Was a pro wrestling gym in Morristown Tenn. that use to put on "shoot" shows with these rules. They were pretty popular too. Mr. Fuji (Judo background) use to be a judge.

The sport is actually more exciting to watch than sub-wrestling due to constant attacks (hard to stall when you can't pull guard) and more so than modern wrestling due to the submission aspect.

Scuffler nailed it. I am talking about subs and pins without the strikes. It seems that since this type of competition was THE largest sport at the turn of the twentieth century and that it could be again.

Turn of the century cacc pro wrestling had NO strikes. The game changes with any type of strikes.

Not to mention pins. In fact the VAST majority of matches ended by pin, not submission.