Can Roy Moore please go away now!

I'm not going to be a hypocrite here. I wanted Hillary to STFU after she lost and accept her loss like an adult and professional. Roy Moore needs to do the same thing. He lost. Thats the end of the story.

How hard is it to have a person on staff to bring you back to reality? There won't be a new election and even if there was one he would still lose.

Man the fuck up and STFU.


He will step away when Jesus tells him to

or he gets distracted by another high school sophomore

Nothing to discuss. I agree with you on him and Clinton.

He will stick around as long as this controversy is young and nubile.

Op is a snowflake.

SNL needs him because without him, Trump, and Sessions, they don't have any material.

Judge Moore often leverages God in response to things casting a negative light on him. He’s even said he’ll wait on God for this certification process to play out.

I won’t speak for God here, but I think the fact that conservatives in Alabama stayed home rather than vote for him or a line toeing liberal could be seen as a strong message from the Almighty. The solidly christian and conservative voting people of Alabama decided they could not pull the lever for him, his 10 Commandment bona fides notwithstanding. More than 50% of them made a moral decision and didn’t vote. 


Looks like the judge tossed his suit, so hopefully he just rides into the sunset now.