Can Russia Be Tried For War Crimes For Troops Not

Can they be tried for not wearing any identification on their uniforms? I thought in the geniva convention you have to do this,i mean its not like it can be enforced on them but could us/Europe bring this up?

Since USA is the number 1 biggest offender of war crimes - and of the most horrendous types, maybe they should leave it to someone else with a bit cleaner record to bring up to international court that Russia weren't wearing "proper identification".
Maybe Israel could inform them...

NET Phone Post 3.0

Skoro vashei amerike bydet gitler kaput Phone Post 3.0

I don't care about any of that,im taking sides either. If someone could answer my question please,can the hauge(sp)start a case on Russian troops not wearing id at the start of the conflict.

I'm pretty sure that most spec ops units don't wear any insignia on their uniforms Phone Post 3.0

These troops are policing the public though.

Maybe they are private contractors like Blackwater. Phone Post 3.0