Can someone be your coach if you beat him?

You're 4 months into jujitsu, the other guy has 10 months. You can beat him, but he knows way more techniques. Can he offer you anything in your training? Age is about the same. Weight you're around the same.

No. He should quit the sport altogether.

Why would you have someone with less than a year of BJJ coaching you in BJJ?

You shouldn't be being trained by a white belt. /thread

hasn't anyone seen Rocky III?

no, i win consistantly.

Lemme ask a different question. Can Rorion's sons beat Rorion? And if he does, should Rorion still be their coach?

 Yes, for sure.

I hear Angelo Dundee used to own Ali in training camp.

Stone Rolled - Lemme ask a different question. Can Rorion's sons beat Rorion? And if he does, should Rorion still be their coach?

that is totally different. those are high level blackbelts and an age difference of 20 years.

a 10month white belt teaching a 4 month white belt is a different story.

however, if there is something you can learn from him then he is helping you.
also, at ur level rolling is the best way to improve. so by rolling together you can both learn quite a bit

just my opinion

doesn't matter if you can beat your coach. Most fighters can beat their coaches, otherwise the coach would be the fighter.

A good coach also reminds you of doing things you already know .

This thread has been done, but

not all great coaches are world beaters. Coaching is a very different skill set then what is required for fighting/competition. Of course there are lots of guys who can be both.

But yeah, someone with 10 months may be able to show you the armbar from guard, but there are going to be tons of little nuances you are missing. Find a real gym to train at. You will notice the difference immediately.

i wonder if cus d'amato could kick tyson's ass?

There are many reasons that he might lose. Injury. Lack of strength. Lack of natural talent. Chokes under pressure.

I've actually got an interesting anecdote with this. One of the guys I train with beats me consistently in training. He's a weight class above me, so that explains part of it. When we go into competition though, I often come away with medals, and he often gets eliminated. Granted, different weight class and not same opponents. Then one competition there's nobody in my weight class, so I can only move up in weight into his weight class. He gets eliminated in the first round, I make it to the finals and do better against the guy who eliminated him. As far as competetive success goes, I'm better than him, but head to head he's better than me. Incidentally, he coached me and in retrospect if I'd fully listened to his advice I might have won the whole tournament.

It's really hard to tell sometimes, but simply beating someone in training doesn't mean they can't give you good advice.

 A guy who has been only traininng for 10 months shouldn't be coaching anyone without supervision. Every now and then I'll see a couple of new guys sparring and teaching eachother techniques, but half the time it's all wrong. There's too much danger of developing bad habits

"Can someone be your coach if you beat him?"

Yes obviously- the top coaches wouldn't beat their best fighters due to a variety of factors. Even if age and weight is equal, some guys are a lot more athletic and able to be more effective without necessarily possessing the greater technical knowledge.

In this particular case though, someone who has less than a years experience should not be doing any coaching.

In a 10 month vs 4 month situation, there is hardly a wealth of knowledge, however you might still be able to learn something... however as a general rule its almost he exact opposite... Most pro fighters can beat their coach. Pretty much all sports the coaches ere not always the best players., but they might have the most analytical approach or just understand the game and not be the most athletically gifted.

As said earlier:
Who would you pick Greg Jackson or GSP?
Freddy Roach or Manny Pacquioa?

If I am 40 years old and have been teaching a very athletic 24 year old for 4-8 years, and he is a professional fighter, he better be able to beat me or I suck as a coach (generally speaking of course).


look at Rich Franklin and Jorge Gurgel.

Jorge can hardly find a way to get a win, let alone use his JJ, but he coaches a long time(former) world champ.

Franklin would maul Gurgel.

 with him at 10 months and you at 4 months you should change the dynamics from coach(lol) to training partner