Can someone be your coach if you beat him?

pigpen -  with him at 10 months and you at 4 months you should change the dynamics from coach(lol) to training partner


Well, depends on how you're using coach. If it's giving advice it's all good.

sure why not, everyone has different views and opinions on submissions, escapes, takedowns, etc.

hearing what he has to say can't hurt.


 I haven't read any posts, but, coaching is not fighting. They are two completely different things. I am not gunna name names, but there have been many mediocre or bad fighters that have been great coaches. And even more so, there has been so many great fighters that have been absolutely horrible coaches. They are just two completely different things. Sometimes people are good at one of them, and very rarely someone can be good or even great at both.

anyone who has been training for 10 months should not be coaching.

The only way you can learn from him is if you rape him and totally take his manhood, then and only then can you learn from him...

these guys are basement wrestling FFS.

and possibly doing some gay shit..

 There's only one way to settle this. You gaff tape your left hands together, put mma gloves on the rights, and go to town. The loser is the student. Best of luck.

you should both quit pretending to be training and just admit that it's the anal sex that keeps you together.

also, thread title would more accurately be: should a guy with no real qualifications be considered for a coach?

Renzo Gracie once said that you can learn something from any level even white belts.

With that said there is no way a 10 month white belt should be your coach

I recently caught one of my instructors in sparring with a triangle setup he had showed me two weeks prior.

It was legit, he acknowledged it, then proceeded to dominate me for the next several minutes before making me tap to something I'd never seen before.