Can Someone Explain Taboo Tuesday?

Or whatever the genetic jackhammer called it? Is it that the fans make the matches? I thought he said that, but the next words out of andro-riddled body were that he made a match between Bischoff and Eugene.

Um, like help and stuff?

Does anyone really believe that Vince will let the fans pick the matches. Can you imagine HHH vs. Matt Hardy in the main event. Vince won't let that happen.

lol so true, no way in FUCK fans pick it

It won't happen.

Vince is gonna build up a possible match or two heavily, and no matter how many smartasses there are online, there's gonna be a lot more who want Randy Orton or Shelton Benjamin or Chris Benoit to fight HHH. Besides, isn't the voting only open for one day from the end of Raw the night before until the PPV?

and you can vote multiple times

In a recent press conference, WWE announced its first-ever completely interactive pay-per-view, Taboo Tuesday. Click here for photos from the press conference.

Several weeks ago, Chris Jericho asked the fans of WWE to decide which type of match he and Christian would participate in. Mr. McMahon liked the idea so much that he decided to make an entire pay-per-view out of it. He decided to call it Taboo Tuesday.

According to Mr. McMahon [VIDEO: 56k | 300k], the WWE fans will decide who will face the World Heavyweight Champion at the pay-per-view. They will also decide which Superstar will face the Intercontinental Champion. They will decide the match types, as well as any stipulations. This goes for every match on the show.

Don't miss this ground-breaking pay-per-view, Tuesday, Oct. 19. Also, be sure to check back here frequently, as more information on how Taboo Tuesday will work becomes available.

The idea in theory is that if someone is willing to invest time in participating in creating the card, maybe they'll be more likely to actually buy it. In practice it remains to be seen.

The concept is workable as a legit interactive exercise. For example Hunter can work a match with a limit of four choices:

  1. Shawn Michaels 2. Randy Orton 3. Chris Benoit 4. Edge

He's worked with all of them in the past and they can easily work a 15-20 minute formula match around a planned finish on the spur of the moment. The television will encourage certain choices leading up to the event (example Orton works the main event last night and gets more promo time, making him more visible, Michaels less so and Benoit and Edge cast to the side). Yet in the end the fans are choosing the match.

Other things like what Stacy wears and the stip for certain matches will all be throw aways that can also be done on the fly.

It'll be interesting to see if it draws on a PPV. I know for a fact there are plans to experiment with this selective interactivity for the television down the road. Stuff like this certainly can't hurt to try.

it has to be a fuck a monkey on a pole with a ladder match.....2 out of 3 falls of course....

"Everyone go and vote for Edge vs. HHH. Vote like a thousand times. It would be great!"

Judging from today's RAW, it seems to be a push in that direction. Don't know about you but, do you really want to see another variation (yet pridictable) of HHH vs. Michaels or HHH vs. Benoit match?

Now that some of the stipulations of the Taboo Tuesday matches have been mentioned, it isn't totally in the hands of the fans. There are certain boundaries that have already been drawn up for some of these matches, thus limiting your choices (sux big time).

the concept doesnt really interest me.