Can someone help me find a pair of binoculars on Amazon?

I stayed at a hotel by the ocean last week and they had a pair of binoculars for use. I ended up taking it with me throughout the day for sight seeing and now I want my own pair I can take with me on walks, trips, etc.
Since it’s prime day, I’m seeing some sales on Amazon and wanted some guidance in the right direction.
It’ll be basic usage, nothing too crazy. But I’m still willing to spend up to $200 or so on a good/decent pair that would be worthwhile to have.

Do you know what the make/model you used was, or what the specs were? And how far away are the windows you’re trying to peek through

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Sadly I don’t remember… I didn’t think I’d want a pair so much until I thought about all the trails nearby where I live that would be awesome to have a pair.
The windows are pretty far so a good pair would be ideal ;0

So were the binoculars tiny, like a compact set? Would you say that the exit pupils were larger or smaller than a quarter?


J/K…good luck - maybe call the hotel and ask them?

No I wouldn’t say they were compact but they weren’t super large or anything to where they were uncomfortable. I had to google exit pupil but yeah I want to say they were smaller than a quarter.
I want to say the magnification for them was 8X42…

My ninja lol… maybe I can do that.
I figured some OG’ers would have knowledge of binoculars and some recommendations.

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Any thoughts on these?

I bought these for hunting and they are ok. You can’t see crazy far but they’re pretty decent, cheap, light and if I break them or lose them who cares! The next line up is the waterproof ones, I’ll probably get those if I get another pair.

Here you go my man. I’ve owned a ton of Leupold optics and they are a top tier US company who stands behind their products with a forever warranty on most of their stuff. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at Cameraland in the last couple of years on optics, just ask for Doug he’ll take good care of you.

These would be good also, but the exit pupils are slightly larger.

I’ve had a pair of these Nikon Travelites for my compacts for at least 25 years. Nikon even realigned them for me for free after I dropped them off a cliff.

You should call the hotel and ask

Vortex Crossfire. Can’t be beat at the price. Durable. Very good quality.

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Yep, that’s the one I have. I use them for deer hunting, they work awesome.

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I have a vortex crossfire scope and I like it. I’d imagine the binos are nice too. Plus they’re made in the USA!

Yeah you can’t go wrong. Great company, good return policy too.
I bought mine from Scheels, idk if you have them near you, but they too have a great return policy. Not that I think you would need it. Mine get banged around pretty good and they keep on ticking.

Redfield glass is Leupold’s off brand, still made here. Very affordable compared to the big names and quality glass. I have a set of their binoculars and they are better than decent.