Can the freakshow spectacle fights

Who's tired of the stupid freakshow vs freakshow and skilled fighters
fighting sacrificial Japanese guys? Yeah, there were at least 5 great
fights last night with stacked matchups, then there's Giant Silva.....

Who pretty much knows that the Japanese refer to him as a freak of
nature and have bought tickets just to see him in person. Kind of like
Sapp, watch the HBO Real Sports special, they don't look at him as a
person, but more of a character or super hero. So Giant Silva wears
sweat pants into the ring (the kind you wear when playing tackle
football at the park) and gets owned in a very boring match. It was
amusing to hear Silva scream like Andre The Giant though when he got

Rulon vs Yoshida....boring! Yes, I was lucky to witness history
according to Pride and the Japanese, but also very unlucky to see one
hell of a sloppy fight and effort by both fighters. Yoshida didn't fight
like he did when he was fighting for his life against Silva. Rulon just
jabbed him to death and respected him way to much to attempt a

Ryan Gracie vs that dude who got stomped by Tank in UFC Japan. It's
great that they claimed that he was in the best shape of his life going
against Ryan, but the only entertaining part was when he had a temper
tantrim on the ref.

The Fedor, Pulver and Hunt fights were awsome. They were worth the

Sorry to be a fan of great matchups rather than spectacles. There's
definitely different points of perspective here. East vs. West? I don't
know. I could just imagine sitting in the Pride audience with some
locals being very entertained by Giant Silva while I go look for the
pisser or an overpriced beer.

Good news Joey! Pride is holding a contest! If you spend more than $30
on their Web site, you are entered into a drawing. The winner wins a
Pride fight against Giant Silva, which equals your first win in Pride!

I heard that an 8th grade geometry teacher from Tennessee was the
last winner and won by a forearm in the throat in under 25 seconds.

Was it just me, or did Giant Silva look like he was on fire like those
Pride Fire PPV commercials they kept showiing for February? He was
flayling his arms and screaming a lot.

Not a big fan of them either.

Huge pride fan, but Giant Silva really has to go.

i completely agree with these thread. i was going to post it, but i was afraid of getting flamed.

its like pride is reliving the early days of the ufc.

I agree; Pride should set up their events to please their miniscule American fanbase.

Yeah, I guess the main point towards the end of the thread is that there
are two totally different observations and opinions, mine being a
Western fight fan vs the masses of fans in Japan that Pride is
primarely marketed to.

I'm sorry I mixed those two up into the "freakshow" category. Giant
Silva is in there for sure.

Yoshida vs Rulon is the spectacle aspect which I mentioned toward the
end. Pride built up an amazing storyline of putting two gold medalists
in the ring for the first time ever. I wasn't as excited for this fight
because of the Rulon's experience coming in. It's mostly because I'm a
fan of explosive action on the feet and standup. We were dying to see
Rulon follow up with a hard cross the entire fight. They should put him
up against somebody like Fugita next which will push the pace in the

Things I do not like in Pride, but will never change:

Freakshow fights
Spectacle fights
Skilled figher vs sacrificial Japanese pro wrestler

I don't care if I get flaimed for this, I paid for the event and enjoyed
several of the fights, but there's always that mind set when Pride starts
that you're going to have to sit through some boring,
noncompetitive and meaningless fights.

I don't count Gardner vs. Yoshida as a freakshow fight at all. I was very interested to see this and I enjoyed it. Freakshow fighters to me are Giant Silva, LA Giant, and to an extent Bob Sapp.

He was wearing gi pants you dipshit.

Sorry, he was wearing yardwork sweatpants.