Can the deal with Tanner a little better?

Can the UFC do something a little better on their website for Evan Tanner?

Right now they have a couple of articles on their frickin news feed. 'Oh yeah, some dude died. But more importantly watch our re-run TUF episodes on Spike!'

As of right now, even the WWE do better to remember their own when someone passes away. They do a proper tribute. That's right Dana, the WWE 'outclasses' you.

Put up a proper page, with a picture! Do a real tribute! Get some fighters to put up messages. He was your middle weight champ and go to performer for 17 UFCs! Do SOMETHING!!

Please ttt this.


 I really have enjoyed the two tribute pieces up so far there

I think the two tribute pieces are good as well, but putting it in the newsfeed sandwiched between Ed Herman and an article about Paul Kelly is not cool.

It also means it will be on the main page for about one more day.

They can put a little more effort into this.

They should do a splash page(enter page) w/ memorium.

 CRE is right. WWE has to pull out all the stops for their employees because they're the ones responsible for their deaths.


 The Sherdog article has been the best so far. GB was all over that story.

Elias Cepeda -  I really have enjoyed the two tribute pieces up so far there

I agree. I thought they were well done.

Well just have to wait & see if they give him the proper respect

Wednesday night on UFC Unleashed they had the "In Memory of Evan Tanner" flash before both episodes as well.

They should definately have a piece about him on the next PPV.

cmon. why is it after he is dead evan gets so much support? where was the support when he was alive and needed it?

i was a tanner fan because out of all the fighters that i have seen at ufc events, he was one that was most sincereley into being with the fans...

but this outcry is getting a bit excessive

I bet they do something on the next PPV.

 Tribute for the Ultimate Warrior? Never happened, although they did release a full DVD that was a smear job on him.