can this happen??

what are the chances of

Miami lossing to Philadelphia, buffalo and the JEts(this one will be the tough one!)

Denver losing to Clevland Indy and GreenBay

Pittsburgh Betting the JEts, the chargers and the ravens. if so they will be in the playoffs!!!!!!!

the three big games are the Dolphins-Jets, Denver-Cleveland, and Pittsburgh-BAltimore.

Just Face it, Its over

Tapped out even though he probably has no fighting skills what so ever!the dude was a SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER!!! those guys have no fear and live to be beaten and smacked around!

LOL @ Tapped out

Kempowrestler, this is what I posted on other thread.

Kempowrestler, They will be mathematically eliminated in a couple of days. Too many teams have to lose next few games and Steelers have to win out rest of the season.
As long as Broncos, Titans, Miami or Bengals win one more game in next few weeks, Steelers don't have a chance. Even with 9-7 record, it would be difficult for team to get into the playoff in AFC this season. You gotta win 10 games flat out in order to get in. With 8-8 record, they don't have a prayer. I think Steelers made a mistake on restructuring their team too much. They used to all about rushing and Defense, but now they are trying to incorporate this passing offense that they don't have right players for. Also their defense has gotten much weaker than they used to be.