Can Tito do this....



yes he can

I don't know if he can or not, but I hope so, I'd like to see it happen. Nothing against Chuck particularly, I just like Tito better.

Tito couldn't even do it to Forrest or Cote.

"Tito couldn't even do it to Forrest or Cote"

Ryduce has broken ribbed the correct!

He could gnp chuck like that but he doesn't have the hands to set it up....

No cage... no popping up...

Randy did a better job the first time around, imo.

It's possible Tito could do that.

Jackson couldnt even do that now

no, he is not the same fighter he was...sorry. I like Quntion, but it's true

"Ryduce....IDIOT!! Did you even SEE the first round of Titt against Forrest?? He MAULED him like a caged animal. He blew out his knee-THATS why he didnt do it the other rounds. Go back to watching T.U.F. KKM NOOB!"

I'm perfectly aware of his knee problems,but I doubt the severity of it being that he fought again three months later.Typical Tito excuses,first he accused Forrest of greasing himself down,and then the supposed reinjured knee.Did he do any better against Vitor?No,I remember him getting beat down in the second round.

The fact remains that Tito hasn't finished anyone other than Shammy in 5 years.Chuck has finished everyone,including Couture and Babalu,who are far superior wrestlers to Tito.Tito is tailor made for Chuck,and his game hasn't really evolved in years.

After another Tito loss I can only imagine what excuse he'll think of next.Probably a magical unicorn galloped into the ring and sprinkled pixie dust in his eyes.Oh well,he can always fight Shammy for the fourth time,and then the Tito fans can continue to delude themselves.

Tito has high stress and won't train properly for this fight. He is pussy whipped by Jenna and I heard he is always worried about whenever she goes out with her "friends". He freaks out and can't train. Too bad this fight will suck.


no chance in hell will Tito be doing that

i hope so....

I wonder if Chuck could have gotten up if he could have "fence walked" his way back up? I guess it wouldn't have done much good since he was getting tooled on his feet.

The only guys to beat Chuck have been superior on their feet (Couture 1 and Rampage), and Horn just caught an inexperienced Chuck, or maybe he should have used the same strategy in their second fight?

Tito seemed to hang well with Chuck on their feet in their first round, but he never landed anything significant, but did Chuck land anything big before the eye poke? I don't remember that happening.


That GnP to the body was just BRUTAL. I'd like to see more of that from GnPers. Those sounds Chuck was making were painful to hear.

Chuck's a great fighter, but when he loses, he really loses big.

No. A reliable source told me that Rampage used to kick Tito's ass during their sparring sessions, Tito would throw a fit, and leave the ring.

Now watch any of Rampage's three fights with Silva and tell me again why Liddell is ranked #1 LHW.