Can u compete without PCL???

I tore MCL and PCL and elected to try and heal without surgery. Now MCL has healed but doctor says I have no PCL. Can you still compete normally without a PCL??



ttt for us - they found a grade II sprain of both my PCL and MCL during my meniscus surgery. Would like to hear any input from other members.

BTW kickurass - how long did it take for your MCL to heal up? Thanks

I also have no PCL now and have a grade 2 LCL tear. I spoke to some guys on the judo forum and i think the main problems were dropping on your knees, doing triangles and using the bad leg for footsweeps and receiving them.

I would think the ACL would take the brunt of the force when you do a triangle. For instance the Lachman's test for ACL tears puts pressure similar to a triangle would. In any case, I've heard about alot more people functioning without PCL's than without ACL's.