Can u play roulette at home?

My 2 brother-in-laws and about 7 people play poker every sunday. We have chips and everything but no real table with velvet and stuff like that...

I have a gift card from speigel (got it for walking to cure diabetes) and I saw this nice 3 in one poker set..

It has roulette and craps and stuff like that...

I will post a link in a few...

Im wondering if you could play Roulette with a group of guys...?

There is no "house" so how would we pay out somebody who won?

We cant take the money out of the chip buy out because it would be short at the end...

Anyone have ideas...?


is this worth it?

guess not

If it were me, I'd save my money and buy a real poker table with padded felt, etc. You can get a serviceable one for about $250.

thanx Savas.....

the only way I can think that I can play roulette at home is kinda like blackjack...

someone has to be wliing to be the house and pay out it a person hits on roullette


I think so.

Always bet on black.