CAN vs. USA - Dec. 27th

watch it live on the net if you're at work like me.

6-3 right....

I would just like to add that Pogge last year was better than Price is this year.

should also be known that Toews destroyed the US. The same Toews who our very own Mark1 said was no good last year. I'm sure Mark will enjoy watching Toews destroy his precious red wings with divisional rival hawks for the next 20 years or so. Mark, tables are turning for you. No longer will your Red wings be the bully out west and that team in Chicago that you've had your way with for a little while, will soon be returning the favour. enjoy Mark.

They'll win a cup before the leaves will, I'm sure.



I don't think any team outside of detroit could've overcome losing yzerman and Shanahan without missing a step and their defense has been excellent. You were also laughing when i said hasek was bargain signing, well last i checked the dominator is still dominating the NHL.

"enjoy Mark."

I will. I will also enjoy the fact that the Wings 5th round draft pick, Darren Helm, has scored as much as Toews has this tournament.

Unfortunately, like most Canadian hockey prospects, his skating is several steps below that of his Eutopean or US competition. Several years in the exceptional Wings farm system will improve that.


Helm is one of the best skaters in the tournament and absolutely burned the holy hell out of your over hyped dman yesterday. Sad you dont even know the strengths of your own prospects.

Read that, son.


why would I bother reading what that joke of a site has to say. I know that site very well and know that the majority there have no idea what they are talking about. If those people are questioning Helms skating ability that is completely laughable, and another hit to that sites credibility occurs.

now if you want to give me central scouting's opinion as of today I'd be more than willing to take a look.

I'll admit i'm impressed with Hasek so far. I didn't think he even had this much left in him. You can try and explain it away with the system they're playing but no way, he's just been very good and much better than i bet even Detroit expected.

lol @ questioning Helms skating ability.  He blew by the overrated US defense like they were standing still.

Fantastic then!

We can look forward to many years of him blowing by the leaves defense for years to come as a Red Wing.

lol @ the leaves.


lol @ the overrated, overhyped US team disappointing once again. 

5 wins in their last 31 meetings vs Canada in this tournament.  Good thing the Canadians are perenially slow and untalented or it could be much worse.

"...perenially slow and untalented.."


Ummm.... I  was referring to Mark1 uneducated comment in one of the above posts about most Canadian prospects  being several steps slower than Americans and Europeans.

Have fun watching the Americans compete for the bronze medal this year.

Toews single handedly defeats the US again.