Can we all root for the Lions to get a win today?

Nobody wants to go winless for the year. Let’s all send positive vibes to Detroit today!

I’m a lions fan………as long as my nephew is on the practice squad and they aren’t playing the Steelers. Hahahaha

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Is Goff playing?

I want them to have another winless season.

The first team to go 0-17!

You’ll have to wait til next year for that. Best they can do is 0-16-1 this year.

Lions looking good so far.

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Go Goff!

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GIF by Detroit Lions

If you are a Lions fan you should want them to lose out to get better picks. 1-2 wins are meaningless in a lost season and all that is important is for young players to get playing time and to get better picks.

Lions have had decades of top 10 draft picks. It doesn’t seem to help them.

Let’s just get a win on thanksgiving!!


Best Interception celebration ever, lol. Cutting up turkey and giving it to the other guys.


Chicago goes from a chance to be up by 2 possessions, to being down by 1.

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14-13 Lions at the start of the 4th!!

This thread is working guys!!!

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Bears fans want lions to win because they want Nagy fired

Lions last win was December 6, 2020 (354 days ago)…

Lions doing everything possible to find a way to lose the lead and lose the game, lol

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Holy fuck

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