Can we discuss how good the Deftones have been over a 30 period?

No cause they blow

Arouond The Fur is one of the great rock albums of all time. So raw throughout.

I know the Misfits and stayed at their hotel when they reunited at Riotfest Chicago. Anyhow, after being at the festival all of Saturday I moseyed up to the hotel rooftop bar. As I ordered a beer and noticed a guy with pink hair. I was like, WTF is that the Deftones bassist? Then I saw Chino and the whole band standing there like 5 feet away from me. I have listened to them on repeat forever - especially at the gym. Anyhow, I took a deep breath and walked over to say hi. I told Chino that I consider them in the top 3 with Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. He thanked me. I asked if I could buy them all shots and they were like nahhh, we’re alright. Then I took a picture with Chino which he wasn’t exactly thrilled to do but he went along with it. Whatever.

Later on I ran into the bassist and Abe the drummer in the bathroom. The bassist was a douchebag piece of shit and if he wasn’t in the Deftones he could’ve been smacked, lol. Abe was maybe the coolest musician I’ve met. He was really easy going and chatted about the Misfits since I told him I was there with them. Cool dude. Like talking to a buddy.

Deftones, Pearl Jam, and Nada Surf are my top bands that survived the 90’s. Nada Surf actually got way better than their hit, Popular, would lead you to imagine.

First 4 albums were really good, after that their sound really changed and it’s very spotty for me. Great live performances in my experience.

That’s a bummer to hear chi was a dick to you. He died in case crash several years back. Seemed like a solid dude

I don’t know man, from my interpretation of that story the douchebag was the author. He walks over to them at a bar and they politely engage in a (very likely) drunken strangers conversation. They decline his offer to buy drinks (a polite invitation for him to leave). They’re clearly not interested in taking a picture but he pushes for one anyway. He then “runs into them” in the bathroom and attempts some more unwanted conversation IN THE BATHROOM. One guy has enough and tells him to fuck off. Seems pretty reasonable to me and that’s based on his own account. I wonder what their side sounds like.

He’s talking about Sergio Vega

Also this - very strange to me when grown men fanboy out to other grown men, need pics, autographs, etc. and want to sit and have some long convo - I guarantee Abe didn’t feel like he was “talking to a buddy”.

When you talk to Chino at the bar, is he still using the same warbling effect on his voice that he uses on everything?

I was never a fan of their whiny, angsty, butthurt sound.

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I think I went to the last concert they played before Chi’s accident. Maybe the last. It was supposed to be in Syracuse and then got moved last minute to Albany in a tiny strip mall.

No, it was their current bassist, Sergio Vargas. He was a dismissive prick. Abe was so cool in contrast like talking to one of your boys.