Can we get a gay feature here like I mentioned in that 'what do you want' thread?

Instead of downvoting someone, have a button that’ll be like… press here if you think the post is gay. Then you could have levels depending on someone’s vote count. level 1 is ‘still thinking about coming out’, Level 2 is ‘just came out and now my Dad won’t tlak to me’, level 3 is ‘sucked my first dick and got the guys jizz on my favorite jacket’… and then you could have badges for the levels. Like gay pride flag, a veiny hard stiff cock, different fruits and vegetables shaped like a cock…

I wonder how big T-Rex’s balls and dick were… That’d be fuckin funny, seein’ a big ass dino roaming around on 2 feet, and his balls scrapin’ against the ground… I bet T-Rex’s used to teabag the fuck out of their prey.

That gif always fucks up when I post it. I plays once then freezes. I’m not sure why.

Because you’re gay.

Can’t do that son.
You have to like the gays to make money in this market.

Same way I have to pretend to like jews to make money in real estate, even though they never pay on time, and at any given time, there is a jew somewhere that owes somebody money, has the money, but just won’t pay up.

Wanna suck dicks?

I prefer dutch rudder’s while I’m still gettin’ to know the dude.

Gay’s ruin everything man… Can’t even call people faggots anymore because of how touchy feely (no homo) all them are about a word. Call me whatever, spit on me, twist my nipple, slap my ass… I’m game and don’t go running to tell on you over it.