Can we get frames back? Developers sure think so!

So I took a second to post this as a project on Freelancer and 67 developers have replied with bids anywhere between $750-$2500 (average of $1126)

Lets see if the Top Men and CEO Kirik give the people what they want…

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Frames are for cockfaggots! But, good looking out. If people want it as a theme that’s not that expensive. A quick crowdsourcing and it can be done. To appease the cockfaggots, I’d even donate the first 20.


Isn’t this why we already have pro memberships and ads for muds?

Lol, have you ever outsourced this kind of work before? Not sure why you tagged the job with “wordpress” either. Lastly, why do you think “frames” are virtually extinct these days?

Nevermind, I’m sure bdsiddhi won’t fuck it all up.

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Yes. I have.

I just went with the autopopulated tags.

But I have used freelancer for a custom vbulletin build in the past that added in features that no existing mod/add on could do for like $600. As long as you can clearly articulate requirements, these off shore devs can do great work at a good price point. Hell, I deal with offshore devs in my day job as well. $1500 to them is a big deal and can get you solid work done.

The part you’re missing out on is the delays and the pain in the ass some developers can be. Really all you want is a custom theme so it shouldn’t be too bad but they should do it on a development server.

I’ve dealt with tons of developers and a high percentage of the time there are delays and bullshit excuses. Sometimes you have to fire one and move to the next, then the next…

It is still just a theme. I think it can be done fairly easily.

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I was just posting an option… to highlight the fact a framed option is completely doable.

Not saying they would have to use freelancer… just that its an economical platform Ive had good luck with in the past (generally using their ‘recommended’ devs)

Why are frames virtually extinct? Has coding for frames not improved of the last 20+ years?

It seems like a superior format for users because I can look at a thread in one frame - I don’t have to load a NEW page, and then click on “back” or a link back to the thread title page to see another thread. And a lot of people seem to prefer frames, even Kirik has said he preferred frames. So I don’t understand if its that popular why has the format not been pursued and improved?

Does it have something to do with loading ads that makes it problem?

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I hope you’re not in charge of this project or anything important. You have seem to accepted that because 67 “developers” have said they can do it that they are actually capable of doing it.

Again, I posted it to see/show that folks think it is doable and at a decent price point. I’m not hiring people on behalf of the OG or paying them out of my pocket.

Come on now…

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I think it’s time we dug a big gay hole and threw all the big gay frames folk in it.

You are obsolete


It’s not popular. Just because Kirik and a hundred or so geriatrics (I’m over 50 myself BTW) on like frames does not mean it’s popular.

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Frames is a thing of the past.
its not going to happen rachel mcadams GIF

Frames are not popular because most other forums never offered it to start with. If it is possible too add them as an option then it’s definitely worth looking into but I haven’t seen any other discourse forums that even get rid of the blank space on either side of the text.

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Also, Frames have been deemed obsolete by the W3C in HTML5.

What’s difference between a cock faggot and a faggot

Thanks for an actual response.