Can we get frames back? Developers sure think so!

Yes it is possible, but it’s not part of discourse. I’m not sure it’s part of any of the other forum platforms either.

It is apparently not a trivial task i.e. would require significant custom programing which means $.

Ok, thanks again.

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Is it even possible?

I think one of the big factors contributing to the death of frames is cell phones. With the small screen size, frames are not ideal, so you’re looking at having multiple designs for different platforms.

We should have separate dueling forums and see which one gets more traffic… frames or this discord faggotry.

Isn’t that what the app is for? Every platform prefers you use their app. Facebook, IG, twitter, wikipedia, ebay, amazon, etc. they all have an app designed to make navigation of their content on a mobile device easier.

I was still using the framed forum in a browser on my phone because the that was the only way I could use mod tools; the app did not support moderator functionality. I got used to it pretty quickly and came to prefer it over the app.

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Could we go through the development process and try to get frames made. 100%. What that would cost is, I don’t know for sure.

There’s two issues there. If you fundamentally change the way a software works, you are then dealing with the possible of headache of fixing things constantly. Discourse updates it’s codebase, it breaks frames, you have to figure out how to fix it etc.

Second, I was a die hard frames user. I love it. I would love to have it. But the reality is that 90% of the traffic for our website is on a mobile device. Another 5% was standard forums. Do you develop something to satisfy 5% of users? That answer could be yes for sure, but it could be no too.

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We run into this kind of thing all the time at my company. The money we could raise here on the forum for people who want frames. But if it breaks the way the software works and can cause ongoing problems, then I would say it is not worth it for only 5% of our users. I am included in that 5% too but I am also the type who can quickly adapt and evolve. I think that is what needs to happen here. We need to all give it 6 months and see if we can adapt and move on without the frames.

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Fucking cell phones are ruining gaming too. We need to ban them before it’s too late.

I didn’t realize the disparity between browser and app users was that great. I can see why frame functionality is a hard sell.

Jesus Christ with the endless whining about frames.

Time to get on with your lives.

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You can do a faux-framed version. Basically it looks like frames but you can’t independently load the sections. The reality is left side is a side bar with the page titles, right side is the thread. So every time a new post is added the latest article is on top on the left side. When you click on an article it’s actually changing the page completely. So every time you click on an article you are back at the top of the left side menu.

Thinking about it more it’s actually pretty lame but most likely what you’ll get paying any modern developer. I never used frames on here anyway.

I just look at threads in the menu I’m interested in reading then just right click and open in a new tab. Then as I read them close out the tabs, the first and original tab has where I left off going down the threads. That’s on a desktop. It’s super easy. Maybe someone should make a tutorial on how to use an internet browser from the last 10 years.

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Welcome to the OG! You must be new here.

Looks like frames in ghost mode

As long as everyone understands that frames actually reduces steps needed for common navigation and as such, does stuff that the new version doesn’t account for, I get it that if its only 5% of the user population using frames and isn’t worth the development money. I just don’t think its fair to say that the only reason people like frames better is because they are resistant to change. I like things that are better than other things, and don’t mind changing habits for the better product. I wasn’t yearning for any new or additional features, so the new stuff that is supposed to outweigh the loss of the old stuff is wasted on me.

Your FACE is obsolete!

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You can make your own frames in about 15 seconds by resizing two instances of your browser exactly the way you want them. Right click on the thread title in your threads window, open in new tab, drag it over to your reading window, & hey you are in muthafuckin frames. Takes about 10 threads to get used to the right click & drag before you won’t even notice you’re doing it anymore.

I’ve pointed this out in probably half a dozen end of the world threads, yet somehow it’s still the apocalypse.