Can we just fast forward to the NBA draft....?

...the finals already concluded last week.

The Warriors rightfully won the NBA championship in a thrilling 7 game series against the Thunder.

Now let's fast forward to more entertaining matters....



Seriously, I'm neither a warriors or cavs fan. Never really liked lebron but there is something about the Warriors I don't like even more. I was really hoping OKC would win and even tho I thought the cavs would have a chance vs OKC I knew they had none vs the Warriors. Look at it this way everyone should get a free loco taco from Taco Bell if they want it lol. I'm a lakers fan so the draft and free agency can't get here fast enough. I was hoping for a series but let's be real cavs have been playing the weak ass east they never had a chance and weren't going to be ready for the Warriors. I'd be shocked it this even went 6 games. I could see the cavs getting game 4 if they don't pack it in after they lose game 3 just to get smashed in game 5 Phone Post 3.0


Agreed. Phone Post 3.0

NBA execs are sweating cause GSW is showing how weak the East is, don't be surprised if the conferences get shuffled and a few strong West teams get switched over Phone Post 3.0