Can we please have Kongo vs......

I just threw up in my mouth thinking of watching Kongo vs. McCully. I just threw up on my shirt and keyboard thinking of actually paying to watch Kongo vs. McCully.

Can we please see Kongo versus Vera? Or perhaps Kongo versus Arlovski or Sylvia?

Kongo and Sylvia makes sense since they are both coming of victories over top guys. But Kongo and vera would be great too.

Matchups like this actually mean something and bring up the value of the card. If the prices of PPV continue to rise, then I'm going to have to protest shit matchmaking.

I have no idea how you can go from beating Cro Cop to Justin McCully.

It's just straight up pointless.

seems to be alot of really bad matchmaking going on in the sport these days,this fight sucks but it makes more sense than shamrock vs shamrock the ufc just wanna build Chetch to main event status before they feed him to the lions(tim,gabe,nog,vera)

Like I said... The match ups, if you want to throw McCully in there, should go as followed.

McCully vs. Cro Cop
McCully beats Cro Cop, he makes a name for himself, if Cro Cop wins, it gives him a much needed win and gets him on the right track.

Kongo vs. Vera
If Kongo wins this fight, he will be the #1 contender. If Vera wins, have him fight the winner of Gonzaga and Werdum.

Gonzaga vs. Werdum
Which is happening. Have the loser fight the winner of Cro Cop and McCully (Potential rematch between Gonzaga and Cro Cop)

Sylvia vs. Nog
Which is happening for the Vacant Heavyweight title. (Have the loser fight the winner of Arlovski and Brock/Mir. (Potential rematch between Sylvia and Mir but if it's going to be a rematch with Sylvia and Arlovski, don't have that rematch as, no one wants to see it. So, it'd be a situational outcome match up.) If Brock beats Mir, that creates an awesome fight with Sylvia and a really hard fight for Brock with Nog.

Arlovski vs. Winner of Brock & Mir
If Brock beats Mir, he deserves this fight...

I think that would make the most sense and would kind of clean up the heavyweight picture.

It's kinda like after Keith Jardine KO'd Forrest.He fight some no namer in Houston Alexander.Unfortunatley is ko's cause of it.

It is very possible that McCully lays on him like he did Hardonk for another desision.

So now the Kongo's win over Cro Cop would be for nothing. Now Cro Cop has a loss for nothing and you still can't do shit with McCully because his style sucks.

Why even entertain that happening? Just capitalize on the fact that Kongo just beat Cro Cop and put him in there with some top guys like Vera and Sylvia?

They would be exciting fights that might actually mean something to the HW picture.

Kongo called out MIR, I say feed Brock a can, and let this fight happen. May as well built up Brock a little before he gets destroyed.

Sylvia/Kongo would be good for the #1 contender spot.

Sylvia shouldn't be allowed to fight for the title ever again

"Kongo called out MIR, I say feed Brock a can, and let this fight happen. May as well built up Brock a little before he gets destroyed."

Agree. Whether he's good or bad, why not make money with no risk first?

McCully doesnt deserve Kongo, he should get a bigger named fighter.

mccully deserves to get cut. that's about it, as of right now.

I agree, McCully doeserves a larger cut of PPV buys and revenue, he generates a lot of buzz.

yeah, fucking tons. the next fedor and shit, what with all that destroying people on the ground he's been doing- oh, wait. nevermind.

I think McCully could be a force in the UFC HW division if many things go right. No doubt in my mind he has a better chance of being good than Kongo. McCulley vs. Kongo is a great matchup. It gives Justin a chance to build a name, and it most likely sends Kongo out of the UFC which is a good thing.

Agreed Congo against Slyvia or Arloski would be awesome!!

Kongo v Sylvia

Stop ducking the French Tim!