Can Weidman get ready in time?

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by hurricane Sandy. I'm a big Chris Weidman fan, and after watching the video of him with Ariel H. I am interested as to whether or not he will be able to fight against Tim Boetsch at 155.

It has to be incredibly hard to contend with the loss of his home, as well as training for a UFC fight that may potentially propel him to a title shot.

Just saying, as fans, and as people, we are rooting for you in your fight, as well as the card you've been dealt with in life. Good Luck!

Hate to do it, but ttt. I'm very interested in hearing what others think. Thanks!

Chris Weidman is a guy who doesn't back out of fights. The fight is 45 days away - plenty of time to get ready for his match with Boetsch. He is too hungry for a title shot to postpone this fight.

Warriors do as they will. Win it lose, as a warrior, he will survive with or without Anderson. Phone Post

Living on Long Island, I could tell you the devastation is unlike any disaster this area has ever seen! I have family and friends who have absolutely had their lives turned upside down because of Hurricane Sandy. I hope Chris is able to get things squared away and focus on his training! Boetsch is no joke, so he certainly has his work cut out for him!!