this cant be for real????

I hope the seller is honest, he has 0 feedback and just sold somebody a card for $600.

But that auction is over, here's another chance to get one:

But make sure you have 100 gold to get Epic speed, if you only have 10 gold your mount will be normal speed. Luckily you can buy the level 40 mount, then go back later and buy the level 60 mount.

That's if you skill level right now, or the 100 gold, but you do have $1000 of real money to buy a mount on ebay.

HOLY FUCK there are 17 of these cards being bid on already at over $500 each. It's one thing for greedy sellers to offer them at $999 and not sell them, but this is actually a popular item that a lot of people are paying for. And those are just auctions ending this week.

The Saltwater Snapjaw epic mount is a better deal IMO at only $120.

Also, you can turn your character into an ogre for only $109.95: 250 UDE cards

my cousin who works at WalMart says these cards are flying off the shelf because people want the mounts

My guildie got one for 12$ a while ago on ebay!

remember when they did this for that turtle mount?

that mount looks ghey. I'd rather hit up ZG a million times for the swift zulian tiger mount than pay for that ghosty looking piece of shit