Can you fully satisfy a woman in 10 minutes or do you need hours?

I give my woman 28 seconds of fury.

If she’s not done at the end of that I’m blowing my load and going to bed.

Three hours? Bitch, I got shit to do in the morning.


I’ve never met a woman that wanted a long drawn out dicking that lasted hours.

If you’re laying it down right she’ll begging to be finished in under 10.


If sex was a race I’d win every time!


2 seconds, just throw the credit card at her


Early on or a 1 night stand. Yes. Hours are fun (add in some fun drugs)

But after you’ve been with someone for a few years… you’ve got other things to do.
Hopefully you can get the job done right and 10 - 20 min is about right


15 minutes of foreplay, 20ish minutes of actual penetration with a few position changes, in some cases - 3 minutes of then speed licking the box to get her there (some girls can’t get off on just penetration), then 5 to 10 minutes more to get yourself there, and then 20 minutes of pillow talk before sleeping / getting up. This was the best general formula I found.

There are special cases. Drugged up with a dirty club girl = hours long free for all. Drunk but rapidly sobering with a fatty = 4 minutes and then a shame spiral.


Post-nut clarity is a motherfucker


Ya thats the key for the best finishes for me. That little break while I get her off (if she hasnt already) then I can plow ahead and get mine the way I like.

Virgins on here? Ha ha

I’ve been with gals that basically neve cum. And with some that cum 8+ times per session. These last ones sure cum fast, under 10 minutes, but few complain about me lasting a long time. It’s usually GFs at the end of relationships that do so ha ha.

Having been with many multiorgasm women, the ones that take a lot of time and work to get off bore me. I don’t want to feel like I’m working, get off will you, bitch.


Nothing worse than a woman that’s hard to satisfy. It’s usually because of past trauma that they can’t get over. Or some guilt thing. It’s best to cut those bitches off and let someone else deal with that bullshit.


Some overdo it with the 1000rpm toys and desensitized themselves


Yeah that too. Probably what happened to the whore in the OP.

I’ve lasted years without fully satisfying a woman…


That’d be one lucky woman!

What does fully satisfy even mean?

My formula is: first the girl cums then I do. Getting there is different for every person of course but stick to this and you’ll be fine.

That being said mental state with or without drugs/alcohol play a big role. I’ve faked orgasms with hotter girls than I ever deserved to be fucking because of some weird state of mind often brought on by drugs/booze but not always.

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This pretty much nails it. Early on it’s fun but later on efficiency is highly appreciated.

I’m sure you satisfy in other ways :smirk:

Indeed. But I’ve often been a “toy assistant” ha ha. Providing the dick and human body while they get themselves off with their clit stimulating monster. I actually like it.

I’m not offended if a toy comes out.
Game On!