Can you get a great lunch for $15?

I’m not talking gourmet food, but I’m talking about a solid meal that hits the 3 areas.

They give enough to get full

It’s delicious

Reasonably healthy

There are a few places here like that. Hawaii is expensive but a few takeout places can get you grilled salmon on greens and noodles, Korean bbq, or other plate lunches.

Before Covid you could almost do this for 10.

  • Can do
  • No can do

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$15 for lunch gives me an extremely wide variety around me.

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I should have said $10 because $15 is like $10 on the mainland

Probably more accurate. I know my favorite lunch actually clocks in at 14 bucks, from a local breakfast/brunch place. If you set the limit at $10, I’d be wondering.

Subway rocks a veggie wrap for 5.50 that’s not a bad deal, and grocery store has local oat cookies for 3.75 that’s a meal that’s lunch sometimes depending where I’m working.

For 10 it’s tough but I feel pretty fancy with my cafe Rio steak tacos, rice, beans and a drink for under 15.

Place near me I can get a BLT, fries and drink for 9.99.

I live in the South near a lot of Mexicans so I can get a burrito for under $8 that’s relatively healthy and good as fuck.



All inclusive resort = free ass lunch

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Anything at McDonalds you zionist spurs fan

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There are several Chinese places around here that get you full for less than ten bucks……our go to is called Mandarin.


Americanized Chinese food, but for 6.95 with an egg roll and egg drop soup included….can’t beat it.

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Chinese are good at getting you tons of tasty food for cheap, but it is shit for your body. When I go to the bathroom at my favorite Chinese place I pass the kitchen. I look away so I don’t lose my appetite.

Healthy? Fuck you OP

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Like, eat you out? Yeah, sure. I’ve done worse, for less. Show me the money faggot

For 15 I can get a bento box with sushi, rice, and whatever else she decides to put in it. I don’t get say. She thinks she is my chef.

Sad note . Just found out they closed

You are what you eat bro that’s truth

Yeah, Jason’s Deli Sandwich + free trip to the salad bar is like 10.99.

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15.00 is yesterdays 8.95