Can you get a worker for $20 cash?

If you needed help for something not that hard could you get a good worker for $20 an hour cash? I know a lot of people are on the dole now and don’t want to get payrolled but you would think they would jump at the chance for cash money. The price here for a day gig is $30, $20 for a longer gig. I’m gonna start picking up gigs again when my daughter goes back to school. I’ve gotten over $40 when I bring my truck and haul.

What do you expect to pay in your area? Post where you live and your experience

  • $20
  • $25
  • $30
  • Guys here ain’t got time for that shit

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If you’re in Las Vegas I have a moving job for you

I’d do it for 20 if I lived there

I’d pay $30 to a OG’r


I’m a not bad mover. I can move appliances with my hand truck. I hate moving couches from the upstairs though!

this is a first floor to first floor office move, 500 SQ Ft

I’d rent a moving truck with a lift. Be done fast

Easy to find a guy with a truck for hauling or moving or whatever for that kind of money.for an actual hard labor gig you run the risk of hiring a sketchy tweeker type. Best bet is a home depot Mexican.

Most movers that provide a truck and 2 men labor charge around $75 per hour in my area. My neighbor has a business that specializes in moving high-end antiques and furniture and gets all the work he can do and then some at $125 per hour.

That is a good deal for a small job. Depends on the minimum

When you say “not that hard” are you talking about the cock not being that hard or the actual act of getting the cock off?

Very edgy, I am laughing so hard now

plan B

I should consider taking small gigs in my free time to stay busy, meet new people and just to have a new experience. Good way to pass the time and something you can feel good about. Maybe I’ll check out craigslist. Mongo I’m in Vegas

I picked up a gig for 40 an hour. Broke my rear window and it cost me 400. Was bummed

do you have a moving truck? maybe a pal? to help you

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If a home depot mexican is your best bet…you don’t give any fucks about it being done correctly, or looking decent, or lasting worth a shit, at all.

Pay for unskilled garbage and that is what you will get. A POS job, poorly done at best.

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I found the contractor

No just a rav. I’ll ask around and see if anyone with a truck has some free time