Can you give me pitt advice?

Enson I know you know about pittbulls . can you give me any info or advice about owning one since I have kids.

I am not Enson, but I will try to help as well.
I have a 5 year old pit I bought in Guam. We got him before we had kids, and had no problem transitioning to children. The biggest thing with pits(or any dog) is socialization. If you get a pit as a puppy(which I highly recommend), make sure to take him around other dogs and people as much as you can. This way he will be used to others, and shouldn't pose any problems. If you already have kids, it should be easier because he will already place himself below your children on the food chain(pack mentality).
We have never had a problem with him, as far as children. He is protective of my daughter, but not overly so. My wife had a friend and her friend's fiance at the house while I was out of town, and they were all roughhousing with my little girl. No problem, until the guy tried to get in on the play. As soon as he pushed my daughter toward my wife, Elwood(my pit) growled and snapped on his arm. No broken skin, just enough pressure to say, hey, that's not cool.
The biggest thing to remember is that a pit is a high energy dog. If you pick the puppy that is freaking out, running around jumping the other puppies cause you think it's funny to watch, think about how funny it will be 2 years later when he is 60+ pounds of muscle and potential rage. Pits are very intelligent dogs, and very stubborn. They can be trained, it just takes a little longer. The easiest way to keep them behaving once they fully grown, is to wear them out whenever possible. He will be able to run with you, and will love to play tug of war and other rough games. When we were stationed in Guam, I used to exercise Elwood by letting him chase water buffalo. He started catching them, so we started selling them. He would literally run himself to complete exhaustion, until I had to pick him up off the ground and put him back in the truck.

If you have any other questions, I will try to answer them(I am not an expert, I have just done a lot of research). email me

thanx saint. Ive decided after research it isnt the dog for me.

Learn how to use a breaking stick and ALWAYS have one handy where ever you go. Its a good idea to have a couple laying around the house and one in the car jsut in case. Remeber your dog might not start it but he might try and finish it.

Just wash everyday after training and before you sleep, get some deodorant, preferably the white powdery type the anit perspirant is bad... oh my bad pit bulls...