Can you guys help my Youtube channel grow please. Going to post more and more videos


I’ll view and subscribe, but can you please post more dick and butthole?


I’ll work on it.


Hey OP what you 1st need to do is optimize your SEO. 2nd link your channel to all your social media accounts including your LinkedIn.
Use time stamps as it helps Google rank it.
Brand it, make your thumbnails and style of videos unique to you so that if someone sees the thumbnail they’ll automatically ID as you and what’s all about.
Create your own into and outdo as well.
Take advantage of YTs end credits area and cards during the video.
Edit your videos and shoot them in 4k so that you can edit them in 1080p 60fps.
Use VidIq and TubeBuddys free resources to guide you.
Turn your Google account into a business one, it’s free and easy. And take advantage of the best keyword search. This and Answer The Public to get idea about what type of BJJ vids you should put up.
Lastly use a good free editor to make your vids good. Over time you’ll get better at editing. I suggest Openshot. If you’re feeling brave use HitFilm. If you’ve experience and a good rig use Davinci Resolve.
Feel free to PM if you need some help help OP and good luck.


I have no clue how to do any of that . LOL

DM me Adrian if you want help with this. I can go over the basics with you.



Damn I was hoping Kevin Barber started doing BJJ instructionals.


Wow. This is really good advice. I might contact you to help me w some stuff.

I’ve 3 YT channels with a 4th in the works. Im a freelance video editor however I focus on YT, FB adds and IG adds. Growing a channel is damn hard but if you do everything right, YT will gradually suggest your vids wiith more frequency. Once a video goes viral you’ll rocket in subs.


I’ll subscribe and give a like on each video. I wild each it.

Well I ain’t no internets expert, but I’d be wary of that one there, pard.

Can do without it sure as VidIq does pretty much does the same thing.

I have one video with 30k views

Where are dem titties WFA

You need a young jamie video nerd to take care of all that YouTube stuff while you focus on the bjj. Check out where you can hire someone to do the YouTube seo.

People don’t want to see two dudes in bathrobes grind on each other.

We want speedos.


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