Can You Help Settle an Argument?

Generally for Christians:

Jimmy23, as deep a religious thinker as you're likely to find anywhere (his claim, not mine) has repeatedly said this and things like this on another thread:

"And, none have disputed my central thesis- that wearing fashionable trinkets is not a statement of faith, it is idolatry."

Do you as Christians (other faiths, feel free to join in) believe that the wearing of a cross on a necklace, or a cross made of nails, or even the nail necklaces sold as part of "The Passion" merchandizing, is "idolatry" and that anyone who wears such trinkets is a hypocrite and a traitor to their faith?

No, I don't. (short, relevant answer)

But, I think people who attibute special powers to these items are engaging in some kind of idoltry. (longer, tangent answer)

If a loved one jumped in front of a knife wielding murderer and saved my life, but died in the process...I probably wouldn't wear a knife replica on my neck in memory.

When Brittany, Madonna, sports hero's etc. are wearing crosses in their ears, noses, and around their necks, I doubt they understand the context of the cross.

Did you say the above quote or not?

How could I possibly misrepresent a quote like that or take it out of context?

The general answer, from all the christians I know, is that it is perfectly fine to wear a cross necklace, or a nail necklace, or a fish, lamb or other christian symbol, no?

Depends on motive.

I tend to ignore such people. It absolutely kills them that Gibson made this movie. So the best you can do is go see it and make a thread about what you though of the experience. That alone will have them sitting on their computer stewing. Getting ready to make their 7th thread of the day about the movie and try to mock it.

I would encourage anyone to read the thread...but honestly it is long and turgid and it's only value is the humor I've put into it. But you'll see I did not take lil' jimmy (that's his Crip name) out of context.

In any case, let's (as good christians) give Brother Jimmy the benefit of the doubt.

Do you think buying only a necklace representing a nail or made from nails in order to openly express your faith makes you a hypocrite and an idolater?

Shield of David is not a religious symbol, it is a cultural symbol. It is not worshipped, nor does it have anything to do with our belief in G-d. It was used throughout the Old World and only became "Jewish" in the 17th-18th cent. While Jews had been using it since the time of David, so had Greeks, Romans, Christian Alchemists, etc. It was only when Christian Europe needed to brand the Jews did it become THE Jewish symbol.