Can you make an install CD in XP?

Ok so say i'm running XP Pro, now what if someone has stolen my install disk.Is there a way to create a new install disk so if i want to do a clean wipe, and reformat and re-install somewhere down the line i can do this? I have key etc still but either in moving i lost it (the CD) somewhere or someone has "borrowed" it and never returned it.Is this possible or am i just having to settle for never re-formatting?

yes man, my tech at work got a couple custom XP PRO and XP Home CDS made with all updates, google toolbar, adaware and few other appz that auto install

do a search on google

So are you saying it's just available online which i'm aware of, or that i can in fact create an install disk using my XP that i'm currently running?

Hope that doesn't sound pissy, not my intent.I just want to be clear what it is you're saying.

I've downloaded a few different copies of .iso files on suprnova.

All you have to do, is download the file, and burn the .iso to the disk, and its exactly like the OS CD.

Are you referring to the boot disk or the XP CD?

The xp cd itself, the install disk.I know about burning the iso etc but i'm gathering that it's not possible to make an install disk from my current XP that i'm running?