Can You Name Every UFC Champion Ever?

Everyone claims to be a UFC die hard. The question is can you name every UFC champion ever. This quiz is strictly based on people who have won a belt, not the tournament.

Good luck, I did fairly well. Damn you Arlovski.

How many threads are you going to start on this? Wasn't the other one good enough?

 How many threads about naming every UFC Champion can you name?

How weird, I thought somehow the thread changed or I was losing it..... again.
Oh and how many threads can you name of UFC champions

LHW Forrest, Rampage, Chuck, Randy, Tito, Frank Sharock
Mw Silva, Franklin, Tanner, Bustamente
WW St. Pierre, Serra, St. Pierre Hughes, Penn, Hughes, Newton, Militich, Menne?
LW Penn,Sherk,Penn,Pulver,

At least those are the ones I can remember, but was Menne MW or WW?

I thought he was WW but I seem to remember him fighting Busta

No, I can't.

i can barely name the champs they got now

is the heavyweight champ mino or randy? i forget

Fedor,Henderson,Henderson,and Gomi.

Randy Mino Sylvia Mir Arlovski Barnett Ricco Randleman Rutten