Can you run 13.47 in the 100m?

Because this 70 year old can.


12.2 WAS my best. No way i can do 13.47 anymore at +40 years old. Props to that old geezer

I could to a 47.13.


100 yards or metres? No way that metric shit

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what did the guy in the yellow on the far left run? I think I could do that

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WOW. That is impressive.

Not even in my fittest teenage prime I could.

Now? no. Maybe with about a month of training? Still no.

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Wait, just the straight away on the track?
Yeah dude
My 12 year old isn’t very fast and he does it in the 12s. I’m faster than he is

Ok edit. I just looked and he is low 13s. 13.4 range. I was going off memory. But still, 6th grade and 12. I wish I could verify my HS times but I can’t.

Muchos respectos.
I’ve only ever been to a track club for two weeks but managed to get 12s flat. That’s usually what I still manage once a year or so. I’m now a bit slower but my stride has become more powerful.

However, that’s nothing compared to this geezer. It goes right in the motivational video pile. Guess I have to get into the 11s this summer, otherwise I’ll never do 13.47 in my 70s.

Great find!

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Let’s see how you do at 70.

Heard he identified aa a 70 year old. Whats his real age? Lol and fuck running


Easy. Being an OGer I just tried it, 9.57. That was without stretching and while wearing cargo shorts and my white new balance runners with grass stains.

I’m sure if I really tried I could put up a respectable number!


That wasn’t the question though lol

That’s insane. Ive never been good at sprinting. I’m also not a distance guy. I pretty much suck at anything track and field. Maybe that’s why i just roll. Some people ask me what i do for cardio. I just say, more Jiu-Jitsu. But god damn you gotta respect that old man.

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Dude had some serious top end speed, for his age…

Your 12 year old isn’t very fast? I’d say he has potential. “Gallaugher has clocked 11.72 seconds for the 100m, faster than any one in his age group in the US or Australia.”

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I could chase Jessica Alba that fast if her panties were already off.

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My OG dingdong is too large for that. I can enter a pogo stick 100m tho.

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