Can you run 13.47 in the 100m?

One of those pristine gals I’m not gonna google recent pics out of fear. So gorgeous in her prime.

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There is a huge difference between 13.4 and 11.72 though.

I could probably do it but only at the right gradient.

I’d just look for the right velocity to hit her with a rock to the back of her head before I drag her into my cave.

And thank you. I don’t mean to imply he’s slow. But I see kids at these meets who are way faster. During the season his school competes against HS kids but the last meet is the private middle school state championship. He’s in the lead in this clip. They ended up second in the state in the 4x100m at 51.62s. The winner of the 100m was 12.55. So that’s how much he would need to improve the next two years to win state.

Almost made a thread but searched first like a good OG’er

He is beating 99% or more of 40 year olds in this country. That was batshit speed and strength form for his age. Nothing keeps you more youthful than sprints


I couldn’t do that shit 30 years ago when I was in decent shape, what makes you think I could do it now?


Even couple years ago when I was going to high school track and mixing in sprints…… 15 second 100 meters will knock your hat off and make you wonder if a hammy is about to snap


Let your boy know an OGer did this, long ago:
7th grade / 13yo: 12.5 (?)
8th grade / 14yo: 12.2
9th grade / 15yo: 11.5
10th grade / 16yo: 11.1
11th grade / 17yo: 10.5
12th grade / 18yo: (nothing faster recorded for 100m, but much faster in 55m FAT)


See, that’s fast. Blistering fast

Nope, I wonder what that guy ran in his prime.

Ran an 11.6 in high school. That was 60 lbs and two centuries ago.


Ok Noah.

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I was timed with a sun dial.



I’m about to turn 40 in 2 months. I can beat that old guy, but not by much. When I was 29 I could run sub 11. I was still close to that until 4-5 years ago. I could probably do 13 flat on a day I’m feeling good. I’m sick as shit so I doubt I could do 16 right now.

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What castle was your high school in?

That’s almost Jonah Lomu speed!

Um, but then there is this… which is ridic. (My PR 21.6) (Although, IMO, my best race was a 21.8 into a swift headwind)