Can you run 13.47 in the 100m?

You’re several weight classes above him. Like, 50-60 lbs?

Maybe. when I was 17 before I started bulking. I ran a 53 second quarter mile. Does that convert?

I did 12 something as a teen. Zero chance I could do that as an adult.

However long it took for that replay to run would be more accurate for my time

So is kobayashi

And again, the people on here who could actually muster up a sub 15 second 100 would be on the grass for 4 minutes after

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it is a tough run. For me 880 was the killer. made me feel like my lungs were on fire. short enough to all out run.,Long enough that the sustained exertion clobbered every cell in your body.

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My harley wont even do that…lol… my husky will.

lol @ running “all out” for 800m

Tremendous potential. Is he playing footy?

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800 is the worst. Blowtorch to your lungs and feels close to death in general

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Unreal. Respect

I don’t know what footy is? I assume soccer or football? Either way, no. He swims, does Bjj, he’ll wrestle next season, and does track.

Wrestling will probably end up being his best sport, I’m excited to see how he does next season

i havent tried to run fast in a couple years. in my late 30s, i was in the high 13s on mostly distance running and a few sprints sprinkled in.

that guy is incredible at 70.

at 41, i would need a month of gradual training to even attempt a 100 meter sprint


a 17 year old running a 53 could be anywhere from around an 11.0 to a 12.3

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I cant remember my times in the 100. In college I ran with the defensive ends and linebackers in conditioning. I could keep up with them in 100s. We would run 10 to 20 100s as conditioning. Some of those guys were in the 4.5 4.6 40 type dudes. I could pull out on them in the 100, because I am very long legged. 36 inseam.

I know. OMG horrible fucking pain. we ran those in the off season for football. Condensed conditioning. we only had about an hour to work out. On cold days even worse. Go to class and sit in an overheated classroom and feel like shit, trying to stay awake after getting calmed down.


amazing. I wonder if he is on test??

800m is by far the worst, but it’s not technically a sprint. It’s middle distance. 400m is the longest sprint race.

I am pretty sure I could go 12.5 or better but I’m just as likely to hurt something as finish.

If I didn’t have to work, just finished my 70 hour week 20 minutes ago, and I could train hard for as long as I needed, I could probably go 11.7. I’ve been spraying ROW for 25 hours basically off roading on the side of the road in heavy traffic this week. And I mowed that same shitty row for about 40 hours with 5 hours of mower and sprayer repairs. I’m beat the fuck up. And I get to mow again tomorrow and start my next week of 6 10 hour days if I’m lucky.

I couldn’t run 10m right now.